How do we actually know the newly discovered biolab in California is a “Chinese” lab?

Dr. Judy Mikovits is here to share her research about the biolab and who is responsible for it.

Dr. Mikovits says the company behind the biolab is not Chinese.

Why was this biolab located right next to a U.S. military base?

Dr. Mikovits says this is nothing new and the samples in the lab came from Reno, Nevada.

The FBI likely raided the lab to cover up and control the narrative.

The medical industrial complex knows the public is now watching their every move and no longer trusts them.

Tony Fauci knew the blood supply was contaminated but called it “chronic lyme disease” instead.

Forces within the American government are responsible for biolabs located across the nation.

The biolab in Fresno was storing the cell lines that had been isolated from people with diseases like cancer and autism.

American taxpayer dollars have been used to create pathogens that have been released onto the public.

This was done to make the public life long customers of Big Pharma.

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