In an interview on Saturday, Larry Johnson, a former Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) analyst, said that Poland is planning to launch an operation – perhaps against Belarus – to draw NATO into the battle.

Last week Scott Ritter revealed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was an agent who is being handled by the Head of MI6, Richard Moore.

Events of the Ukrainian war and the possible action by Poland may or may not be influenced by the same forces but it raises an intriguing question: From whom does Moore take his instructions?

Poland is probably planning to launch an operation against Belarus to draw NATO into the battle. Because they realise right now that Ukraine is losing and losing badly. So, they’re no longer able to keep up the pretence that Ukraine is winning or Ukraine is fighting Russia to a stalemate. It’s just the opposite. Russia’s crushing Ukraine and Poland is I think trying, in an act of desperation, thinking that they might be able to pull something off that would force a NATO response,” Larry Johnson said during an interview with Dialogue Works.

Dialogue Works: Ukraine is Hollowing out | Larry C. Johnson, 22 July 2023 (25 mins)

Earlier this month, former US Marine intelligence officer Scott Ritter released a documentary ‘Agent Zelensky’.  Ritter explained that the Ukrainian president was serving America and the British Crown.  He described the significance of a meeting Zelensky had with Richard Moore, the head of MI6, in the autumn of 2020.

“As a secret service agent, I’d like to tell you that there are special norms of decency and protocol.  When a president of a sovereign country is on a foreign territory he should meet with his counterpart,” Ritter explained. Andriy Mishin, a former employee of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, further explained that the meeting indicated that Moore had become Zelensky’s direct handler.

US Tour of Duty: A Scott Ritter Investigation: Agent Zelensky – Part 1, 11 July 2023 (36 mins)

The two reports above are unrelated.  Or are they?

The Secret History of MI6

In the early 2000s, historian Keith Jeffrey was given unprecedented access to the MI6 archives to assist in his examination of the organisation from 1909 to 1949.   This led to Jeffrey publishing his 2010 book titled ‘The Secret History of MI-6: 1909 – 1949’.

On Demand News: MI6 book lifts lid on secret world, 22 September 2010 (2 mins)

As some commentators pointed out on Goodreads, Jeffrey “was hired by MI6 to go through their archives and write an official history of the organisation” and “from the beginning … Jeffery advises readers that [the book] was directly commissioned by MI6.”  This is confirmed by a review of the book published by The Guardian which stated: “Professor Jeffery is not of their number. He was commissioned by John Scarlett, a former C, to tell ‘a complete story’ (the indefinite article makes that an ambiguous job description), based on the files.”

Shortly after the book was released, Keith Jeffery and Sir John Scarlett discussed the book at a bookstore in Washington, D.C. Jeffery recalled the longstanding relationship between the British Secret Intelligence Service and the White House, its covert operations inside the United States, examined the organisation’s espionage tactics, and profiles members of the Service, which included writers such as Graham Greene and Somerset Maugham. Sir John Scarlett talked about why he, as the then chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (“SIS”), commissioned the book. You can watch this 60-minute discussion HERE.

The Guardian noted that “the turning point in Jeffery’s story, the making of a secret service with a truly international range, was the Second World War. This was the golden age of SIS. The budget tripled. Personnel soared from fewer than 100 to almost 1,000.”

While much of the book addresses the challenges faced by MI6 fighting the Nazis during World War II, it also reveals darker and more sinister secrets.  In the video below the narrator summarises some of the MI6’s activities as noted in Jeffrey’s book.  We have downloaded a copy of the video from a Twitter profile HERE.  Unfortunately, we were unable to ascertain the originator of the video or when it was made.

A 20-minute documentary exposing some of MI6’s most horrifying activities

In the video above, speaking of the claim that Iraq was making weapons of mass destruction, the narrator said: “MI6 propagandised the British public but it also targeted other key countries – especially those who sat on the UN Security Council, hoping to persuade them to take a harder line on Iraq – such as India, South Africa and Poland.”

Regarding Afghanistan, the narrator said: “It is well known that Western governments, especially the US and UK, funnelled money, munitions and training to the mujahideen fighters who resisted the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan from 1979.  MI6 was the leading agency … and worked closely with the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI as part of cold war anti-Communist strategy.”

Taken in the round, there seem to be some thought-provoking similarities between what has happened in the past and what has happened in Ukraine and perhaps any possible action by Poland.  Taking that train of thought one step further, a burning question is: who do the secret intelligence services take instructions from?  We could assume our governments as that would appear to be the case, or at least the impression the public is given.  But is it really our governments who are pulling the strings?

Who Controls MI6 And Other Intelligence Agencies?

In a 2004 lecture, Professor Walter Veith, a South African medical bioscientist, pastor and author, touched on the Sovereign Military Order of Malta:

The Grand Council of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, 1960

Headquartered in Rome these Knights of the Papal Caesar control the Banking, Industry and Military Complexes of the world.  They oversee Chase Manhattan Bank with branches in Moscow and New York.  They rule the International Intelligence Community, the KGB in the East and the CIA in the West, in restoring the despotism of the dark ages. [1]

[1] Horizon,  “The Knights of the Maltese Cross”, Edith Simon, (New York, James Parton, 1961) Vol. 111, No. 4, pg. 69

Are Secret Societies Real? The Secret Behind Secret Societies (timestamp 57:53), Total Onslaught, Episode 11, Walter Veith, 2004

Who controls the Knights of Malta?  According to Veith, it is the Jesuits and he is not alone in coming to this conclusion.

Veith’s lecture gives an introduction and overview of Albert Pike, the Jesuit Order, Knights of Columbus, Opus Dei, Skull and Bones and the Bohemian Grove.  As such he only makes a brief mention of the intelligence agencies.  Perhaps providing more detail on this particular aspect is an interesting post made on Reddit.  We are reproducing the Reddit post below so you can follow the hyperlinks provided, research and decide for yourselves.

Further reading:

The Jesuits Control the CIA, FBI, KGB, MI5, MI6 and Mossad

The following is a post by u/HibikiSS published on Reddit on 7 November 2021

The Jesuits have controlled the CIA, FBI, KGB/FSB, MI5/MI6 and Mossad, among other intelligence groups simultaneously. So, they are responsible for nearly every single conflict involving every single nation on earth in the last decades, all while blaming the Jews for it.

The Jesuit control over the intelligence agencies and the banking system is far greater than what most may think:

Compilation of arguments about the Jesuit control over the CIA.

J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI received the Sword of Loyola award. (NYT 1964)

The Jesuits were controlling Castro and the CIA simultaneously and they are responsible for the world’s drug dealing.

Compilation of arguments about the Jesuit control over the Cheka, KGB and FSB.

Compilation of arguments about the Jesuit control over the British MI5/MI6.

Compilation of arguments about the Jesuit control over the Mossad.

Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was influential in Mao’s views and Chinese intelligence as well. Teilhard was the most influential philosopher behind the globalist and capitalist movement. Even today, The Vatican is influential and has close ties to the Chinese government.

Mugabe’s resignation was mediated by a Jesuit priest.

The most powerful man of World War I worked for the Vatican.

Jesuit control over the banking system (2019-2021) and Catholic records of anti-Semitic propaganda:

[3 out of the 4 biggest banks in the world] ( were controlled by apprentices of the Jesuits back in 2019.

President Macron and the current governor of the Central Bank of France are apprentices of the Jesuits.

The chairman of the Central Bank of Peru is a Jesuit apprentice.

The Central Bank of Kenya is governed by the Roman Catholic Opus Dei member Patrick Ngugi Njoroge.

The Jesuits had such control over education and were known as such a nasty group that they were feared by the richest European oligarchs:

“The Jesuits … they have the College of Nobles where almost all the eons of the Roman Nobility are educated in the principles of Jesuitism; … In the subterranean Church of the Gesu is a ‘Congregation of Nobles,’ in which are assembled all the Roman Nobility; the Jesuits are their Directors, Confessors, and Preachers, and by this means they have become masters of the Aristocracy.” – Luigi de Sanctis (1808–1869; Italian Ex-Catholic Priest of the Madellena at Rome.)

“Wealth of Roman Catholic Church impossible to calculate.” (National Post 2013)

There’s also the constant Catholic and Jesuit effort to push for anti-Semitic propaganda:

Despite the claims that Loyola himself was Jewish and or had Jewish ancestry, a lot of scholars would say that he was a Basque from an old noble family of Spain. Why would the Vatican and the Jesuits themselves lie about Loyola’s ethnicity or ancestry?

It is commonly accepted that Jews weren’t allowed to be part of the order during the time period in which the Jesuits were involved in many crimes and were expelled from many countries. One of these included the Jesuit Communist Empire in Latin America. How is it that the Jewish infiltrators were responsible for it, when the entire order was involved in the communist regime and according to these same people, the infiltration of the order wasn’t completed until after WWII? When it comes to asking why we should trust one source over the other, it makes it look like we should simply believe that the Jesuits themselves are telling us the truth.

“Jewish” Sabbatean-Frankist movement was actually controlled by the Jesuits. A lot of influential Jews are accused of being Frankists and that they infiltrated the Church and the Jesuits, but the whole movement was actually run by the Jesuits themselves and it’s crypto-Catholic, an example of the Jesuits infiltrating Jewish groups and corrupting them from within.

Leo H. Lehmann mentioned that the Jesuits were behind the creation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Despite the claims that the Rothschilds control the Vatican because of the loans it had with it, the Vatican actually did manage to pay off those loans.

Despite the protests of other Jewish leaders asking for the help of the Rothschilds in order to improve the conditions of the Jewish communities under the Vatican, the Rothschilds actually allowed the Vatican to use their own money to spread the anti-Semitic myths, causing the Rothschilds to be mocked by other Jewish groups as traitors.

According to the Jewish Encyclopaedia of 1906, the Rothschilds are considered the guardians of the papal treasure.

The Jesuits used the Rothschilds to fund the Bolshevik revolution, so they are responsible for the millions of kills under the Communist regime.

Months before the Bolshevik coup, Sister Lúcia dos Santos claimed she had a vision of promise about the consecration of Russia, which would bring a period of peace. It is usually interpreted that this was a call for Russia to convert to Catholicism.

Despite the claims of the Bolshevik movement and communism itself being part of some kind of Ultra-Zionist conspiracy, the Bolshevik Jews were, for the most part, an anti-Zionist group that attacked Zionist Jews that opposed the regime.

The black pope Ledochowski conspired to block the policies of Pope Pius XI seeking to condemn anti-Semitism in Europe. It should be noted that Ledochowski himself tried to push Pius XI into not only mentioning the Jews in his speech against the communist regime but also to associate the Jews themselves with communism. So, the Bolshevik Revolution was a movement to blame the Jews for creating it. The original communist regime, as I mentioned, is actually The Jesuit Communist Empire.

La Civilita Cattolica described Fascism as the regime that corresponds more closely to the concepts of the church of Rome.

Former Catholic Priest (possible Jesuit) Bernhard Stempfle played a role in the writings of Mein Kampf. A lot of the propaganda of the German regime against the Jews was directly copied from La Civilita Cattolica. The SS was made out to be an imitation of the Jesuit order. Himmler was known as the “Black Jesuit.”

Jesuit Pietro Tacchi Venturi played a vital role in Italian fascism and Mussolini’s anti-Semitic policies.

The Vatican allowed many National Socialists to get away. A lot of them later helped with the creation of the CIA and were part of many of its operations. Jews are actually discriminated against in the CIA. The CIA itself is actually a Catholic, Jesuit-controlled organisation.

The Jesuits control Jewish Intelligence along with the Israel vs Palestine Hegelian Dialectic and Frenzy Holocaust conspiracy theory.

The Jesuits were responsible for the creation of the anti-Semitic myths, which started with their demonisation of the Jews and the Rothschilds in their magazine La Civilita Cattolica as part of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

A lot of people, even those involved in the Jesuit theories make the mistake of thinking about the Jews and the Jesuits as being similar groups. They are not. The Jews are a very materialist and pro-nationalist group, the Jesuits on the other hand, are almost their complete opposites philosophically, they are radical supernaturalists that see the material world as a corruption that shouldn’t exist because it is not part of the soul. So, they hate the Jews for their materialism.

Credit for the above to both u/HibikiSS and u/Veritas Aequitas. Make sure to visit the s/Jesuits sub Saidit for more info about the order. If you are interested in groups seeking change against the Vatican’s influence, then please make sure to visit s/NationalistRevolution as well. It’s up to us to find the way to stop the Vatican and the Jesuits from completing their perfect communism.

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