CBDCs will create a global slave state.

Cryptocurrency expert Rafael LaVerde is here to talk about the dangers of central bank digital currencies.

A central bank digital currency is not just “electronic money” like we are used to.

CBDCs take some of the principles of crypto and apply it to national currencies.

Every transaction will be tracked and archived forever.

Right now, even the most canceled person in the world can still get access to money, in the form of cold hard cash.

CBDC promoters want to abolish cash and in their dream world, which is a dystopia for everyone else, all physical cash will be banned, and so all buying and selling will have to be done electronically.

If they get their wish, the powerful can make anyone they disagree with cease to exist economically.

Today, our American-style social credit system works by banning people from AirBNB, or closing down their bank accounts, or getting web hosts to cancel unwanted websites.
But in the world after central bank digital currencies, tyranny will be a lot easier.

If the elite want to shut someone up then they will just ban them from making transactions or ban them from specific types of transactions.

They could control travel by banning the buying of plane tickets.

They could also prevent the purchasing a gun or any other kind of weapon or keep someone homebound by only letting them make purchases in a tiny radius around where they live.
A centrally-controlled currency could limit how much anyone spends on gasoline or electricity, in the name of the “climate.”

The tyrannical possibilities are endless.

The American dollar is in the midst of a collapse.

Over 90% of the dollar is currently held in digital form.

Central bank digital currencies are being used to scare the public away from sound money and crypto.

Americans must resist the push to force the population to get a digital I.D..

Source Link:  https://rumble.com/v31fula-fednow-paves-way-for-central-bank-digital-currency-social-credit-system-set.html

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