Month: February 2023

Thousands Of Farms Downstream From Ohio Armageddon And Countless Amount Of Wildlife Already Dying

Back in 2022, a little seen movie was released featuring actors Adam Driver and Don Cheadle among others titled “White Noise.” Featuring the tag line “You can’t hear it if it’s everywhere,” as ANP reader Johnny Shaffer pointed out in a very interesting comment on this ANP story, “White Noise” is quite bizarrely a film about a chemical train wreck in Ohio, and as even CNN pointed out, many of the extras for that movie were locals from East Palestine Ohio who, in the film, evacuated, then months later had to do so in real life!

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No Vaccine No Food? Grocery Industry Merging with Big Tech and Big Pharma as New App Tracks Drug and Vaccine Purchases Along with Food

Big Food is making its move into the “digital health space” as grocery chain giant Albertsons announced the roll-out of its “Sincerely Health” platform along with a new app where customers “can connect data from wearables, integrate prescriptions, design their diet and make telehealth or vaccination appointments.”

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