The situation in Ohio seems to be much worse than we are being told.

Tonight on FOX News, Jesse Watters pointed out that just a year ago, we had a national emergency over Monkeypox, but not for what’s happening in Ohio.

Two years ago, you couldn’t leave your house without a mask on, but Ohio is just fine.

Also, where are all the people who are constantly talking about the environment and climate change?

Gas stoves are a threat to the environment but not this?

Transcript via FOX News:

Biden never shuts up about trains ,and he told us he was going to cure cancer. And now a train goes off the tracks, they light it on fire, it’s probably going to give everybody cancer and the president calls a lid. They have the whole Ohio River contaminated. These chemicals are flowing downstream to West Virginia, and we haven’t declared a national emergency.

We declared a national emergency over monkeypox, and there’s no national emergency here? Biden was too scared of letting a single piece of debris from a balloon fall in Montana, but he’s okay with cancerous chemicals in our rivers. I mean, if not Joe, you’d think maybe Al Gore would be mad? No. Chemical catastrophe causing acid rain, dead fish.

How is Al not red in the face right now? Even Mayor Pete is in hiding, and he’s literally in charge of the railroad system. This thing’s so bad, even Ilhan Omar and “Jesse Watters Primetime” agree, the Squadster saying, “We need direct action from Pete.”

But there’s a major cover-up happening. The rail company, Norfolk Southern, they’re doing whatever they want. When Norfolk Southern’s train spilled 500 tons of toxic chemicals all over Ohio, they said, “All right, guys, this is how we’re going to handle things. You know, this crime scene we have here? We’re just going to light it on fire.” And the Biden administration and the Ohio government said, “OK, just throw a match on it, and we’ll say it’s safe.”

Here’s the video:

Mayor Pete is as useless as Karine Jean-Pierre. We’re being led by fools.

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