LONDON, ONTARIO — Two Canadian college students are dead; and mainstream media are doing their best to deflect from the obvious causes of death.

Western University, aka The University of Western Ontario, is located in London, Ontario. The school first implemented a vaccine mandate for students living on campus in May 2021. Said mandate was extended to all students and staff in August 2021.

Canadians were experiencing peak COVID dystopia at that time. People were incarcerated in lockdown hotels and intimidated into keeping vaxx injuries silent. The so-called pandemic exposed Canada’s “universal healthcare” system for what it really is. But college students and staff obediently cooperated with mandates in exchange for some semblance of normalcy.

Canadians grew tired of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his totalitarian rules, culminating in the truckers #FreedomConvoy earlier this year. More on that later.

Western University implemented a booster mandate for the Fall 2022 semester. It was announced just two weeks before classes started, and after students had already paid their tuition and fees. Western was the only university in Canada with a campus-wide booster mandate, according to The Globe and Mail. The University of Toronto requires booster shots for students living in residence halls.

Hundreds of Western University students protested against the booster mandate in late August. Five students filed a lawsuit in Ontario Superior Court in early September, in an attempt to block the booster mandate.

Judge Kelly Tranquilli dismissed the lawsuit on September 24. She ruled that Western University is “expressly and broadly empowered to…do such things as it considers to be for the good of the university and consistent with the public interest.” Judge Tranquilli also ruled that it’s perfectly legal for the university to collect and store students’ medical records.

The university, however, extended the deadline for students to receive booster shots from October 1 to January 9, 2023.

Spencer Cornelis: 20-year-old Western University student dies unexpectedly

Mr. Spencer Harrison Curt Cornelis was a management and organizational studies major at Western University, according to his LinkedIn page. He also had a real estate license, and was a sales representative for Elite Choice Reality.

Details are scant. But Mr. Cornelis “passed away unexpectedly” on October 18.

Megha Thakur: 21-year-old Western University student and TikTok influencer dies “suddenly and unexpectedly”

Ms. Megha Thakur was a computer science major at Western University. She lived on campus in the 2021-22 school year, but “[moved] to Saugeen to work in her second year,” according to the Western Gazette student newspaper.

Ms. Thakur had 930,000 TikTok and 101,000 Instagram followers as of publishing. She was known as a “body positivity influencer.” Ms. Thakur was very skinny. She was particularly self-aware of her small butt. Her most popular TikTok video was from May 10, 2021. It was called “How To Get Your Booty to Jiggle.”

The video garnered 10.5 million views as of publishing. Ms. Thakur was also a model for the Canadian Asian International Students Association (CAISA) fashion show. Her last TikTok and Instagram posts were on November 18 – a video of Ms. Thakur walking around in New York City.

Her parents posted an Instagram message on November 30, announcing that Ms. Thakur “suddenly and unexpectedly passed away” on November 24.

No further details were provided.

Media interference, propaganda campaign about “car accident” cause of death completely exposed as lie

The interference campaign commenced one day before the parents publicly announced the death. A website called “reported” on November 29 that Ms. Thakur “died unexpectedly in a car accident.” The website further stated:

“Arriving paramedics reportedly declared Megha Thakur dead at the scene of the event.”

We were immediately skeptical of the article because it linked as the original source for its information. The reason we’re familiar with said website is either pure coincidence or, which was created on February 10, 2022, has a specific propaganda purpose.

Mr. Robert and Jamie Brannen were father and son, respectively, from Nova Scotia. They died suddenly 10 hours apart on September 23. reported that the two men died together in a car accident, which was false. Now the foregoing website, which sounds credible to normies because of the “NBC” in it, is the original source saying Ms. Thakur, also from Canada, died in a car accident.

We could not archive the original snbc13 article in time. It has since been edited, and removed the part about the car accident. Another shady-sounding website,, also reported that Ms. Thakur died in a car crash. A third website claims that there is CCTV footage of the alleged accident.

Several supposedly-reputable news outlets, including the Manchester Evening NewsThe Daily Record, and Wales Online, all amplified the “car collision” story. They all cited “reports in Canada” as the source. Coincidentally or otherwise, all of the foregoing supposedly-reputable outlets are U.K.-based.

The following is a screenshot from (linked above) story, which originally cited as its source. It’s allegedly a photo of the car accident that killed Ms. Thakur.

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