Even Elmo couldn’t save the mRNAs.

The verdict is so obvious even the Washington Post noticed: despite a massive media and public relations campaign, American parents have overwhelmingly rejected Covid shots for their youngest children.

Three months after federal regulators okayed mRNA vaccines for kids under 5, more than 98 percent of them have not been fully vaccinated.

Put another way, out of any group of 50 children under 5, not even ONE is likely to have been fully vaccinated for Covid. And parents who started the process of vaccinating their children are having second thoughts. About 7 in 10 of of the 1.2 million children under 5 who received a first shot have not completed their vaccinations.

The rejection stretches across red and blue states. Even in Rhode Island and Hawaii, where over 90 percent of adults have received Covid shots, 97 percent of children are not vaccinated.

(I don’t care how much the little brat screams, she’ll get the mRNA and she’ll like it!)


Nor are parents changing their minds with kids back in school and cooler weather approaching. Vaccine advocates had hoped that as summer ended and kids received routine well-child visits with pediatricians, mRNA uptake would increase.

Instead, only about 1 out of every 300 eligible kids received their first shot in the week ended Sept. 14.

It’s hard to overstate how extraordinary this rejection is.

Despite what hard-core vaccine fanatics claim, the United States does not have a crisis of vaccine denialism or rejection. Even as the schedule of recommended shots has lengthened, most American parents continue to vaccinate their children with standard vaccines on the schedule recommended by pediatricians (as my wife and I have).

More than 90 percent of children under 2 receive the polio, hepatitis, measles, and chickenpox vaccines, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Rates have actually risen over the last several years. Even the HPV vaccine, which is more controversial because it is designed against a virus that is generally transmitted sexually, is now taken by about two-thirds of all adolescents.

The mass parental refusal to give children mRNA has thus left vaccine fanatics like Dr. Peter Hotez confused.

“I thought maybe it was just the summer, and people were traveling,” Hotez told the Post in its Sep. 18 article. (Hotez, maybe the most hysterical of all vaccine fanatics, suggested in 2021 that “federal hate-crime protections” were needed to save him from people who disagreed with him about the mRNA shots.)

Vaccine advocates have now turned to the hoariest excuse of all: claiming that parents just don’t know the shots are available!

[A pediatrician] said he wishes there had been more robust promotion of vaccines by public health officials across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok… That scant messaging stands in stark contrast to when the coronavirus vaccines first came to market in December 2020 for adults.


Yeah, I guess places like the Post should have done more to promote the shots –

Okay, so the Post wrote one story –

Okay, so the Post wrote a few stories here and there.

What about directing the messaging where it would have mattered, at young kids and their parents –

In fact, the media campaign around the shots for kids was as relentless as every other aspect of vaccine advocacy since the mRNA shots began in December 2020. Like previous iterations, it included paid advertising, free public service announcements, and open advocacy masquerading as journalism (“Doctors say children should get vaccinated even if they were previously infected”).

At what point will vaccine advocates admit that the problem wasn’t failed messaging, but a failed product?

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