Josh Sigurdson reports on the creation of climate lockdowns as the World Economic Forum’s “15 Minute City” project is put into effect in multiple cities around the world.

The idea of a 15 minute city is the cordoning off of neighborhoods into sections, banning the movement outside of those zones without a permit from the government likely based on your behavior.

From Oxfordshire to Barcelona, from Paris to Amsterdam and yes, the United States and Australia, this project is already being rolled out for 2023!

With some places implementing metal gates at key roads to block people from leaving their area, others are implementing AI recognition cameras instead, monitoring your every movement and fining you if you break the restriction.

We have been predicting this for years and it just happens that it comes out at the same time as the carbon credit system is implemented in a bunch of bank accounts as we also have been predicting for a long time.

In the middle of a controlled collapse of the energy grid, the supply chain, the housing market and the overall global economy, the establishment is forcing us into a technocratic Great Reset where one needs to comply with every evil dictate of the state to

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