Month: October 2022

Dr Vernon Coleman – ‘They bought your compliance by printing money, and now you are paying the price’

Central banks (including the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve) all failed to spot that inflation was coming. Why in the name of everything fiscal do we give money to these incompetent, overpaid buffoons? And why does anyone take any notice of what they say? It wasn’t difficult to see that inflation was coming. (I warned that inflation was coming fast and hard two years ago. I told you it was going into double figures.)

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ZEROTIME – International DJ TYDI Speaks Out, mRNA in Aussie Livestock, ASIC Conduct

This week we are joined by International Composer and DJ Tyson Illingworth (TYDI) to discuss the shocking advice he was given by five separate doctors that they were not able to even treat his vaccine injury due to fear of losing their medical licence. This problem of medical censorship is something Tyson says should ring huge alarm bells for all Australians as what we are seeing is modern-day book burning and likens the trajectory we are heading in to a totalitarian society.

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PROOF: The TRUTH About Quantum Dot Technology: Chinese NanoTech EXPOSED In mRNA Jabs – Stew Peters

Karen Kingston has found another patent that she says is critical for understanding the treal truth about the Covid “vaccines.” This time, the patent is for “Quantum Dot” technology. Quantum dot technology can be used for trace and trace tech; it can also be used in gene editing, which means that it can be used as a part of vaccines.

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