“Adam Williams reports for WAM from Florida about his personal experiences in the Netherlands as the country is taken over by the Great Reset agenda and tens of thousands of farmers stand up against the abundant tyranny seizing the nation.

Bilderberger Mark Rutte, who happens to be the Crime Minister, has put in place smart city plans with the World Economic Forum as well as gone for the throat of the supply chain, attempting to eradicate one-third of all farms in the country.

Adam breaks down his thoughts on this tyranny as someone who has lived in the Netherlands for many years and witnessed the country fall apart from within.

Adam is an award-winning bodybuilder and trainer and is focused on helping people become healthy and strong.” – World Alternative Media

Source Link:  https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2022/07/fall-of-the-netherlands-as-country-rises-up-the-great-reset-is-taking-over-videos/ref/6/

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