This is an incredible MUST LISTEN TO interview!  A government employee describes in great detail his horrendous experience of getting the Covid shots and getting very sick. This is such a common story for millions of people who have coerced into taking this poison. This podcast is put out by Sam and the Vax Man out of Australia. They started the podcast after they  lost their job due to the vaccine mandates.  We will be joining them on their show in the near future!

-Hope Girl

Click the image below to listen to the podcast: 

Prison Colony Resistance – SPECIAL INTERVIEW – Brian Williams

Sam and the Vax Man are joined by Brian Williams for a very special interview. 

Brian was one of the first people injected with the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine in late 2020. At that point in the narrative, the Vaccines were seen as a tool to end the COVID-19 Pandemic. And, Brian was as healthy as could be. 

The first shot had very little effect. However, one month later, Brian attended the Vaccination centre set up by the US Army. He received injections with some of the most lethal doses ever given. 

Shortly after the 2nd jab, he felt a piercing headache in his right frontal lobe. Shortly thereafter, he felt that he wanted to sleep at all hours of the day. And, a while after that, when he tried to fall asleep, the Tremors began. A neurological adverse event which made Brian’s nervous system consistently “tremor” as he was trying to sleep. Of course, such a violent shaking sensation would wake him up immediately.

This feeling went on for WEEKS. Brian couldn’t sleep and his anxiety began to elevate and make life very difficult. 

Slowly, Brian came to realise that the Pfizer injection has caused his neurological condition. He began to conduct some independent research because most of the doctors he consulted would dismiss the symptoms. 

Using his own independent research, he began to find medications that actually helped to alleviate his symptoms. Until that point, he was forced to take another pharmaceutical product to alleviate the symptoms of another pharmaceutical product, the Pfizer injection. 

Join Sam and the Vax man for this important conversation with Brian. Experience the kind of misery that the jab can cause through adverse reactions. 

Brian continues to resist the current clown world we are all living in. He helps other vaccine injured victims to keep going with their struggles and helps people to find a bit of light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. 

Listen to Brian’s story to understand the kinds of information that the Mass Media doesn’t not want to put on the air.

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