So for those who think ‘it’ll never happen to them,’ the story linked on the top of Steve Quayle’s website Friday morning proved to us just how easy it’ll be for things to all come crashing down in our lifetimes, with the Daily Mail reporting as its’ title “FDNY races to rescue New Yorkers trapped in dark ELEVATORS as the Big Apple and New Jersey is plunged into chaos by sudden mass power outage sparked by ‘explosion’ at Con Edison plant showing us just how likely it will be.

Reporting also that people were stuck in subway trains which had stalled out on the tracks and traffic was held up at inoperable traffic signals, while this outage only lasted for a few brief moments after smoke was seen coming from the Con Edison plant, what would those same people have done had this outage been of a near-permanent nature? Not to mention all of the people stuck in their own homes and apartment buildings or work places who were totally unprepared for a long-term, grid down event?

Once again, showing us how unprepared ‘the masses’ were for such chaos, the chaos that New York and New Jersey saw was nothing compared to what will be seen in a long-lasting grid down of more than a few days, and with us now approaching what could be a brutally cold winter, countless people would be unable to survive the cold, completely dependent upon gas and electrical power to heat their homes, not to mention being able to purchase food at grocery stores which would soon be inoperable.

And while we’re thankful for all of the families of the people who were affected by this outage that emergency services were able to respond courteously and promptly, we’ve been reporting upon a seemingly endless series of fires, explosions and other ‘incidents’ happening all across the ‘life-spectrum’ over the past few years that Americans are totally dependent upon, such as this dozen+ mysterious explosions and fires at America’s ‘food processing plants’ that we had asked of: What if these takedowns of our food processing systems had been intentional, and of a near-permanent nature?

As we asked within that April 21st of 2022 story titled “Mysterious Series Of Incidents At More Than A Dozen US Food Processing Plants Reeks Of Grey Terror While Giving Us Another Sign America’s Food Supply Is Under All-Out Attack,” had we suddenly moved into a ‘grey terror zone’ where we specifically and individually weren’t being targeted but our ‘critical infrastructure’ was? As we urged in that story, “All Of These Incidents Urge Us To Be Fully Stocked And Prepared!”

And as Mike Adams reports in this must-read story over at Natural News, the new movie “Leave The World Behind” also seems to be foreshadowing a massive, and possibly a false flag, cyber attack upon America in the days ahead, taking down the electrical grid and computer navigation systems and plunging our country into utter chaos.

Think ‘that could never happen here?’ While the fact that this movie was produced with funding from a company owned by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama is. is certainly interesting that they’d be dabbling in the ‘end of the world’ genre, that’s really just the very least of it because as seen in ‘Operation Northwoods,’ the United States government has shown they’re more than happy to attack and kill Americans and destroy critical our infrastructure if they can blame it upon someone else to use to justify war actions against them if that’s what they’re looking for.

And as Susan Duclos had recently pointed out in this ANP story, China’s ‘cyber army’ has invaded America’s ‘critical infrastructure’ and while we don’t know yet that their cyber goons had caused the massive outage in New York, we know for a fact that the alarming increase in military-aged Chinese men crossing the US southern border under ‘goon in chief’ Joe Biden has increased over 7,000%. Tell us THAT isn’t a recipe for a disaster.

Because as Mike Adams had clearly pointed out in this previously-mentioned story, the movie “Leave The World Behind” clearly involved some kinds of massive cyber attacks that brought down America’s power grid and telecom infrastructure. Causing a massive amount of confusion among the people who never figured such an attack was likely, are you prepared to go through such an ‘end of your current life time event’ as this?

What the movie explores is a scenario where there are infrastructure attacks on the United States of America that take down telecommunications, and are designed to cause chaos and confusion among the American people in order to cause uprisings and revolts, and ultimately, a civil war in the country, 

There are effects of psychological warfare depicted in the film, for example, a small airplane dropping leaflets that appear to contain Arabic writing that says Death to America. And then, at another point in the movie, the Kevin Bacon character says that he knows somebody in the military that saw similar leaflets dropped in California, that actually contained writing that was either Korean or Chinese, he couldn’t tell the difference. 

So the disinformation aspect of warfare is covered in this film. But most importantly, this film witnesses the process that families, civilians go through in America, when they don’t know what is happening, but the services and infrastructure that they have come to depend upon are no longer working. 

They don’t have the normal access to information. You know, the news reports aren’t working, the internet isn’t working, they’re not getting information on their phones, except in one scene, there are some phone emergency texts that come through. But other than that, there’s really no communication in the film. 

There is a bunker in the basement of one home in the film where there’s some kind of military messaging coming across that says, as I recall, Washington DC is under attack. And this is a red alert situation, the nation is under attack, prepare accordingly.

So are you prepared to go through such an ‘end times’ event as that? I know that all the way back in 1978, when my family had moved to Hawaii for a job with the NSA that my step-father had gotten, we stayed on the very top floor of a 14-story hotel in Honolulu there until our home was ready and one day, as my 15-year old brother and I were going up the elevator to go back to our rooms after a day at the beach, our elevator stopped in between floors, all the way up between the 11th and 12th floors!

Needless to say, that hour+ long episode of being stuck in an elevator that wouldn’t budge, while up that high, left an impression in my own mind and I haven’t traveled in an elevator that was going up that high ever since. And while I fully understand that the likelihood of such an ‘event’ happening is rather small, that event left a rather large impression. Especially considering the days we’re living in now, with a ‘political power structure’ in charge that wants to ‘kill off’ a huge number of people to ‘depopulate the planet’. 

As we’ve reported time and again on ANP over the last several years, the Deagel Corporation, an outlet which had gotten much of its’ website information from ‘the deep state,’ including using the US Department of Defense, all of the branches of the US Military, the European Union, the CIA, and the World Bank as its’ own sources for the info it published, had ‘forecast’ that by the year 2025, the United States and practically ALL of ‘Western Civilization,’ would be tremendously ‘depopulated’.

Reporting in one issue, as we’d reported here on ANP back in April of 2015, that the US population would be only 65 million in the year 2025, down from 69 million as they’d reported back in 2014, we asked how in the world they’d accomplish that when the current US population, back then, was well over 300 million.

Meaning back then that we’d be facing a 78% ‘die off’ by the year 2025 if Deagel and numerous branches of the US government’s data was correct, we asked all the way back in 2015, long before they unleashed the COVID bioweapon upon the masses, “How they’d accomplish something like that?”

With our 2014 story on ANP showing Deagel’s forecasts also back then showing a stunning decline in the populations of Western nations such as the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Greece, the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway among others, as we’d reported again in 2015 while looking at their latest forecast, they’d since added both Japan and Germany to the growing ranks of countries which had seemingly been picked out by ‘the globalists’ to be ‘killed off’.

So as we now close in upon that ‘2025 end date’ and America under Joe Biden and the globalists grows more and more insane, every single day looking more and more like an outlaw terrorist organization waging war upon the American people and people of Western nations, with what recently happened in New York and New Jersey proving just how quickly it can happen here, and those residents EXTREMELY FORTUNATE that power did come back on and those who were rescued in elevators had been saved, it’s not difficult at all to imagine what would have happened otherwise had the power still be off this Friday morning and throughout the weekend.

Leaving the huge masses of people completely unprepared for the still-unfolding chaos, the movie “Leave The World Behind” does give us a decent look at what would happen in such a long-term scenario, and it wouldn’t be pretty, even at your own home, so we urge preparedness now while we still can. All of the items below that could help you survive in such a situation that we pray never arrives, permanently, on our shores, can be ordered and delivered within days.

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