Former San Francisco Giant Aubrey Huff says he’s not going to comply with mask orders and would rather die from coronavirus than live in fear by wearing a mask, a sentiment many Americans can relate to as jurisdictions nationwide impose mandatory ordinances.


In a video posted to Twitter this week, the MLB player explained, “If you want to wear a mask and live in fear for the rest of your lives, that’s certainly your prerogative… But the vast majority of well-adjusted, sane, common-sense people that aren’t sheep and can reason for themselves agree with me.”

Aubrey Huff


Take your mask & stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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“Just because that is your plight in life doesn’t mean the whole world has to shut down,” he said.

“This is not a selfish thing for me,” Huff said. “This is a thing for me to try and free Americans, so they can freely breathe.”

Huff was initially referring to a tweet he shot off Monday declaring he would no longer be wearing a mask inside businesses, which triggered many liberals.

Aubrey Huff


I will no longer wear a mask inside any business. It’s unconstitutional to enforce. Let’s make this bullshit stop now! Who’s with me?

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