In this tutorial for my Facebook Friends I show you how to sign up using my referral code, how to fill out your profile, how to navigate around minds , notifications, messenger, images, videos, blog posts, hashtags and news feed, how to boost your posts, and how to set up your minds wallet to receive tokens.


Minds is a free speech social media network. It has the functions of Facebook, Twitter, WordPress Blogs, and Youtube all rolled into one. I mainly use it as a Facebook replacement or a better way of phrasing it is my “Anti Facebook”.  Yup, this is my way of stickin it to the man.  I’ve been “Zuckh’d” one to many times by Facebook, and I’m taking my data back.

Bill Ottman founded the company in 2011 and the platform was launched in 2015 amidst the shame of Facebooks Privacy breach scandals.

Minds has a news feed just like Facebook. Minds accounts are known as “Channels” just like on Youtube.  You can have your own profile with your own images, blog posts and video archives. Minds has groups just like Facebook and a direct messenger just like Facebook.

The way minds is NOT like Facebook (Thank God!) is that they don’t make merchandise of you and sell your data, they don’t block your posts from  your friends, they don’t ease drop in on your personal conversations and delete links, and they don’t put you in Facebook Jail.

On Minds you can use what they call “tokens” to “boost” your post to be seen by thousands of people. Tokens can be earned by your activity on minds, or you can buy them and they are extremely affordable for the amount of exposure you can get. Also you can send tokens to another minds user as payment for them to share your post on their channel with their audience.   I think this is a really cool feature that was never offered on Facebook. I’d much rather pay a real person to share my content than throw my money into the black hole that is Facebook Ad Spending.

Actually, over all the way of promoting your posts is way better than any Facebook Ad spending could ever hope to get you. I remember when I started advertising on Facebook back in 2015 I could get 10,000 views on a post for about $10. By 2017 I’d be lucky if that same $10 got me 100 views. And even then, most of the views would just be troll comments.  Yes you heard that right, I was literally paying Facebook to troll my content. Not cool Facebook, Not cool.

So as I have just deleted my Facebook account I figured I would make this minds tutorial to help all my Facebook friends to get started and learn their way around minds. If you aren’t on Minds yet and want to sign up here is my referral code which will help me earn some points on minds and make sure we are linked on minds. I follow every person that subscribes to me.   If you are already on Minds then you can find me here @hopegirl

Here’s my Referral Link. Please join me on minds!