Hope and Tivon tell their background story of how they came to live in Morocco and operate an EMF protection products business.

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Hope and Tivon are a husband and wife team of engineering, research and business professionals. They are American expats who live in Morocco. Tivon has a background as a US Navy Technician and energy technology engineer. Hope holds an MBA and has a variety of business management experience in both government and corporate finance, small business management and marketing. They run an online engineering academy for the development of clean energy technology devices. They also make handmade products for EMF protection. They are the authors of “Forbidden Tech: The complete guide to energy, social, and biological technologies that they did not want you to know about” The book is a collection of their life’s work and research on fringe topics such as free energy, energy weapons, EMF radiation and protection, surveillance and biotechnology.

Little did they know when they wrote their book in 2017 that the methods and technologies that they had researched would soon be used on the entire population via the COVID agenda. For the past two years Hope and Tivon have been monitoring the latest censored information on 5G, and Covid vaccine related issues to present them in a condensed summary to inform the public. As Christians they feel it is God’s calling on their lives to help communicate to people the technology that is currently being used against Gods creation. Everything they disclose is backed by scientific studies, patents, and facts that can be found in the show notes for each of their presentations at their website www.FTWProject.com

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