In 1897 Nikola Tesla was involved in a DC vs. AC current war with Thomas Edison. Tesla was financially backed by Westinghouse to promote AC current, and Edison was financially backed by J.P. Morgan to promote DC current. AC current won the war and is still used to this day. While Tesla’s AC current was only one of his many inventions, his true passion was to bring a source of energy to the world that would be freely available to everyone. However, J.P. Morgan told Tesla “If I can’t put a meter on it, it will never happen!”

From that day forward, many of Tesla’s inventions, which were nonpolluting, worked according to the laws of nature and were intended for the benefit of humanity, would be stolen, suppressed, marginalized and removed from the public eye due to the financial interests of banking families such as J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller. Many of the inventions we all use today would not exist if it wasn’t for Tesla’s work. Many, such as Edison and Marconi, have stolen Tesla’s work and taken the credit.