Free Energy can be a dirty business, and it’s time to clean out the closet! In this show we cover cold fusion, and inventors Pons and Fleishman, Bruce De Palma, and Stanley Meyer.  Inventions covered are the N Machine and the E-Cat.

We’ll also discuss the free energy mafia and archetypes, JTRIG Internet Trolling, Top Free Energy Sites, Eugene Mallove, Steven E. Jones,  Bearden, Edgar Mitchell, Stephen Greer, Sterling Allan, Mark Dansie and free energy related deaths.

To be covered in our “Dirty Games” Episode of the Peoples Free Energy Show. Airs Live at 9PM GMT /

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List of Content Included in Slide: (In order)
Free Energy Mafia
Vocabulary: Cold Fusion
Pons & Fleishmann and Cold Fusion
Steve Jones & Cold Fusion
Cold Fusion Summary
Bruce De Palma’s N- Machine
Death of Bruce De Palma
Dr. Eugene Mallove
Stan Meyers Cel
Andrea Rossi E-Cat
E-Cat Cold Fusion & LENR
Deaths Related to Free Energy
Stan Meyers Death
How do we get Access to Free Energy Devices
Dr.Steven Greer and the $100K  STAR Challenge
Internet Trolling
Confessions of a Paid Shill
Free Energy Archetypes

Slides from Show:

andrea rossi ecat bruce de palma n-machine bruce depalma n-machine 2 cold fusion summary Death of Bruce de palma 2 death of bruce de palma e-at cold fusion lenr ecat, cold fusion lenr 2 eugene mallove Free Energy Mafia Organization Chart stan meyers cell Steve Jones cold fusion

steven greer star challenge stop internet trolling 100,000 star challenge access to free energy confessions of a paid shill free energy archetypes 1 free energy archetypes free energy deaths free energy forums free energy trolling examples free energy trophy how to handle internet trolls JTRIG Edward Snowden oil companies run free energy sites online free energy trolling qeg steven greer stan meyers death star challenge concerns sterling allan mark dansie