Recently I’ve had a major revelation. When I heard this testimony from Greg Giles, confessing that his new age channeled information was coming from governmental microwave technology known as electronic harassment, I started to question every other new age concept I’d ever come across in my recent past.  What I discovered astounded me.

To be honest, I’ve always been very sensitive and get pretty irritated when I hear certain terms of new age wide eyed wonder being preached to me.  But this is not easy for me to admit to, because I also have a love and childlike curiosity for the unknown, galactic information and scientific phenomenon.  So where do you draw the line? How do you know what’s real and what’s a bunch of nonsense?  The answers to this have been slowly coming to me over the last year and I feel inspired to try to share these thoughts with all of you here.


5 Pillars of Understanding


1) Electronic Harassment and Hearing Voices

First I’d like to address one of the most concrete piles of information I’ve been able to piece together.  Electronic harassment is the use of electromagnetic waves to harass a victim. Psychologists have identified evidence of auditory hallucinations, delusional disorders or other mental illnesses in targeted individuals.  Government agents make use of electric fields, to send microwaves into a person’s head.  To do this, they use technology that can achieve this called “voice to skull” or “V2K” after an obsolete military designation.

For further evidence of the existence of such technology, please see the two following patents:

Hearing system US 4877027 A

Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity
US 6011991 A


2) Satanists created a lot of this new age nonsense

Mark Passio is a former Satanist now turned teacher, that gives lectures to help people quit their cults and obtain freedom from such darkness.  If there is anyone who would know what the agenda of the dark side is, it’s Mark Passio based on his personal experience. In this video around minute 8, he explains that when he was working inside of the church of Satan, he learned that Satanists have their own  set of sins (although they don’t look at sin the same way that other religions do). These sins are specific behaviors that they are not allowed to engage in as they are dangerous to one’s own existence. However, they peddle these behaviors, on purpose, to everyone else to keep people from obtaining their own power.  To a Satanist, the number one sin is stupidity. They hoard knowledge and want to know it all, and they want everyone else to remain stupid.

Most of the new age ideology that you hear today was invented by these Satanists. Mark Passio explains very clearly in his materials where several of the more popular new age belief systems come from.

Mark says that the Satanists told him personally “Wait until you see the new age books that we, our membership will be writing ourselves, or having useful dupes write for us to put out there. We are going to propagate and peddle this stuff like you have never seen!”  And when they say something, they do it.
3) The government is implementing psychological warfare tactics on all of us

In the latest expose “Dr. Steven Greer – Nov. 21, 2015 – How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose” Dr. Greer refers to a 1953 CIA document that details a hidden agenda in manipulating messages and stories in books, movies, cartoons, and entertainment. Military Information Support Operations (MISO) may also fall into this Psyops and PSYWAR agenda.

Dr. Greer goes through pages upon pages disclosing top secret documentation that clearly shows the agenda that the government has been working for decades in order to mess with our heads.

If you want to see more documentation of this, check out the information on JTRIG I’ve covered many times. Edward Snowden has leaked the power point presentations that train covert government agent how to destroy a person through online psy ops and trolling.
4) Disinfo gets more traffic than truth.

Ever wonder why such nonsense gets so much attention while true nuggets of useful wisdom gets drowned out and so little recognition?  The answer is a carefully constructed blend of systematic censorship through YouTube, Facebook, and other cyber means combined with a world audience that is addicted to sensationalism. If it’s absolutely insane information that can distract people’s minds and lead us to apathy, you can bet YouTube will bump it up to the top of the search engines so that it gets a lot of views. But if it’s truthful and disruptive to the agenda, it will be censored and you’ll have to dig for it.

I’ve been a “stats watcher” as part of running my own business. It can be stupefying to see how many views some of the nonsense gets on the internet, and frustrating to see how useful truthful information that can empower people to take right action in their lives gets drowned out and is rarely seen.

“Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter in by it.”


5) We are being physically and mentally poisoned to weaken our defenses

There is poison in our air, our food and our water. We are all toxic and it is easy for us to have our guard down and be manipulated. In addition to this physical assault, we also have nonstop mind propaganda fed to us through our media and social channels. Many people have succumbed to addictions of various sorts (drugs, sex, etc). These addictions weaken a persons ability to defend themselves against the onslaught of mind control and manipulation.


So the next time you hear about someone who tells you they speak to aliens, or that their spirit guides told them they had to do something or that they have a special message just for you, STOP. THINK. ASK QUESTIONS.  WHERE ARE THESE VOICES COMING FROM? How do you know they are coming from a REAL spiritual source?  There are indeed real spiritual communications that occur, but there is also a lot of purposeful manipulation. The saddest part is, the people who are under such mind control REALLY BELIEVE what they are hearing to be truth. They don’t know or realize that they are being manipulated.

There are ways out of this deception. There are support groups for targeted individuals, and a healthy lifestyle can keep your mind strong. Meditate, exercise, eat well and don’t use drugs or excessive alcohol.  For many (and for me personally) a strong belief in God and daily prayer has been one of the best tools to fight this.

Test the spirits

“Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” John 4:1

Don’t ever just take someone’s word for it. Always question where the source of the spiritual information is coming from. The easiest way to test the spirits to see if they are legitimate or of a malicious deception is to examine the messenger and the results of the message in their own lives.  Is the messenger healthy happy and wise? Are they functioning well in their lives and prosperous?  Are they able to complete a project and follow through true to their word? Do they exhibit the traits of humility, honor, and integrity?

If what you find is the opposite, that their lives are a mess, that they have abandoned their responsibility’s and don’t follow through, or if they suffer from known or hidden addictions, and they are not prospering, these are signs that the messenger is under the influence of mind control and the message is propaganda meant to lead you astray.

To put it simply, to test the spirits, judge them by their fruits. And remember, God often speaks in a whisper, whereas evil shouts from a megaphone.
I’m writing this because I know some of these messenger figureheads personally and many of them have a secret life they don’t want you to see. There is the person you see on the stage of the internet radio show; bright, and inspiring. Then off camera it’s a completely different story.

What concerns me most are the people that follow them blindly like lambs to the slaughter. So many are led astray, and then abandoned in their time of need. I don’t want to see people suffer like this anymore. I care for the people who are under this influence and pray for them all daily.

Life doesn’t have to be like this. You don’t need a Guru to tell you what to do. Each one of us has our own ability to communicate with our creator directly. So turn off the din of the false prophets and in the moments of silence you’ll hear the small whisper of your creator within you and find clarity and real peace.