It has been an incredible year of hard work and slow forward moving progress for the Fix the World Organization. We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the accomplishments we’ve made this year thanks to help of generous people like you!

business entityFTW Business Entity
After years of dreaming about this moment, the “Fix the World S.A.R.L” International business entity was formed in Morocco. This allows for greater ease of transactions across borders, which includes the establishment of import/export trade routes, and gives our cause some additional traction when dealing with the wider variety of people and businesses that we work with on a daily basis.







Slide1Morocco Community Center
FTW has successfully opened a community center for the poor here in Morocco. We’ve teamed up with other Humanitarian Associations to provide an array of activities to help enrich the lives of the people here in our community who need the most help. The Morocco Community Center is a space shared by three Non-Governmental Moroccan Humanitarian Associations; Fix the World, Asociacion Ellas, and Asociacion Manos Solidarias.  The Center offers classes, workshops and activities to help the community. The objective of the center is to help improve the conditions of poor, vulnerable and socially excluded people particularly in the area of Diza (Martil).



42b5efe53766cfe1f58c7a102d5b2b4aQEG Academy
We took our open sourced QEG project to a whole new level and formed an online virtual academy. Part of this accomplishment was to create instant download digital products and consultations that allow us to disseminate suppressed engineering technology to a wider scope of grassroots engineers.  So far the results are gaining foundational strength. There are at least 100 or more QEG’s being built around the world in over 40 countries by a variety of individuals and groups, all working in a unique co-development environment. The plans for building this technology have been downloaded by over 250,000 people in total. We’ve developed a global group of students that are building alongside each other through virtual platforms. Add to this, we now have two fully equipped DIY humanitarian technology labs on two continents.   We are thrilled to see this slow and steady growth, because we know that this is one of the best ways to implement lasting change and make breakthroughs in the world of suppressed engineering technology.


Free PDF eBook GraphicFree Energy Full Disclosure eBook and Audio Book
More of a study of human behavior, we wrote a book to fully disclose all the different trials and bizarre experiences our family has had over the course of this project.  The book is free and will always be free. We felt it important to contribute this full disclosure about what it’s like to go up against all the odds and work on a Free Energy device in the current upside down world that we live in.





ftw tv logo 2FTW TV
One year ago we started our own FTW TV platform to serve as a library of planet changing interviews and information. Now at 78 episodes and growing, we are ready to take the next step to help reach a broader audience!  We’ve partnered up with other broadcasters through Naturally Better TV and have plans to create our own Roku channel in the first quarter of 2016.





FTW Gives back LogoKiva Giving
Each Month FTW gives away a portion of our proceeds to help other people in need. It has been a full year of Kiva giving for us and we have funded 82 groups and individuals through Kiva!  This funding has gone to help a variety of basic needs, such as planting crops, building homes and starting small businesses in developing countries. The overall purpose is to help other people help themselves graduate out of poverty. We do this each month with the intention of giving back or paying forward because we believe in what we call the alchemy of giving. This concept has proven to work for us!  We celebrate each sale or donation that we receive and understand that the reason why we receive is because we give.  Looking back at a full year of successful giving in this spirit we are beaming with a feeling of accomplishment that we’ve helped a good number of people enrich their lives for the better. We are making a difference in any way we can!
video thumbnailMemberships
We started a membership drive over the last year to help gain support for our organization and help us to pay for some of our administrative expenses. We wanted to take this moment to say thank you to the many people who have become a member of FTW. With prices as low as $6.99 a month or $75 for the entire year, it is such a small amount per person, but collectively it makes a huge difference. Running an organization like this costs money and we’ve been able to stay afloat and pay our minimal expenses due to help of our members. In addition to this, we would also like to thank the many people who have supported our work through other means such as social media sharing, re-blogging and writing in letters of encouragement. We never would have been able to get this far if it wasn’t for this kind of help, so for this we are incredibly grateful and look forward to growing our success exponentially this year.


Tesla Gen logoMini QEG Project
18 months of research have gone into the launch of our newest project: the TeslaGen v1 mini QEG. This project is a significant innovation to our original QEG which is sure to get the grassroots engineering community hopping! Its smaller, lighter weight and less expensive to build. This will open up the arena to a whole new group of DIY engineers and help make this suppressed engineering technology education more accessible to more people.  Much more to come on this project as we do a steady roll out of its development over the course of the first half of 2016.


square logo with words white bgFuture Plans for 2016: FTW Business School
We’ve got lots of projects that we hope to implement one by one, each special in its own way. However, our next big goal is to launch The New Paradigm Business Academy, which we hope to do in the second half of 2016. This is an online academy that offers training and educational resources to a global community that will help people become their own bosses, build their own businesses and learn how to implement their project ideas. Given the diminishing state of the global economy, a resource such as this will be vital to help combat the growing problems of job loss and homelessness.  This is NOT going to be your average business school! Through our own experiences we have discovered methods of successfully becoming a “Laptop Entrepreneur”.  We are combining our experiences and extensive business training and higher education to create a fast track training series to help others help themselves and survive economic hardship.