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Russia planning national biometric database for banking next year, expanding worldwide trend

Russia is to start a biometric database for financial services starting next summer, the Central Bank of Russia said in a statement. The system, although not mandatory, will extend access to banking by letting customers open accounts without having to visit a banking branch. This is all in an effort to “digitize” financial services. The regulator noted that data would only be stored with a person’s consent. However, what the biometric database will include is worrying to say the least. The biometric database will incorporate images of faces, voice samples and, eventually, irises and fingerprints. With constant hacks against corporations...

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UK could introduce national cryptocurrency in 2018

The Bank of England reportedly established a special research unit to study cryptocurrencies and could introduct the national cryptocurrency next year. MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The Bank of England could give an approval on introduction of the national cryptocurrency already in 2018, local media reported. The Telegraph newspa

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Niagara Falls is currently coated in ice and it’s absolutely jaw-dropping

Historian and author Paul Gromosiak once said that winter at Niagara Falls can be so breathtaking that it “diminishes even those skyscrapers” on the other side of the border in Canada. Trees once thick with fall leaves as they framed the cascading falls are mere frozen branches covered in pristine white snow. In Gromosiak’s words 13 years ago, the trees are “bowing to the river, with the weight of the ice on their branches”. Icicles hanging like stalactites have formed on rocks, walls and railings surrounding the falls. The water is icy but still descending swiftly onto the river below it...

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