I have just deleted my HopeGirl Facebook Account. I started the account in 2012, and I had about 5,000 friends on it and several business pages.  All of them are gone now. Over the past several years there were a lot of things going on with this account which were frustrating to say the least. But recently the censorship just crossed the line and for me, it was time to get off of Facebook.

Watch the Video I made talking about this here:

Here are two examples of the types of censorship that made me leave Facebook:

First, here is a post from an alternative health doctor that I like to follow. She posts things like articles on alternative health topics and heavy metal detox.  I can no longer see any of her posts because Facebook censors this information.  They give this type of “vague” reasoning, which is total BS. The real reason is because this alternative doctor, like many others who have cancer cures etc. has  been blacklisted from FB.  You will most likely see this same message on many of the types of posts and articles that you like to view.  Another example would also be any articles from Zerohedge.com…most if not all of which are blocked from posting and sharing on Facebook.


And here is another example., this time the screen shot comes from my private messenger window. I was trying to send a link to one of my blog posts that I wrote to a Facebook friend through private messenger. Facebook removed the link stating “This message was removed because it includes a link that goes against our community standards”

So not only does Facebook censor blog posts in your timeline, but it also censors things you can say to your friends on Facebook messenger.   Facebook also uses messenger to spy on you, listen in on your conversations through your phone (which is why I refused to install it) and collect your personal data.  Quite honestly, this freaks me out. And it should freak you out too when you realize what they are collecting all that data for.

So what is going to happen now?  Well I don’t think much will change with our business or our projects. Facebook stopped sharing my posts years ago anyway so it won’t make much of a difference.  We still post on our blogs, and share on other platforms and send out notifications to our mailing list.  I figure if I can get more than 25 friends on another platform I’m already beating out Facebook, as 25 people were all that Facebook ever showed my posts to.


Find me on Minds.com!

I’ve been using Minds.com which I think is the best replacement for Facebook.  Here is my referral link for anyone who wants to join minds.com and follow me there.

Also I plan on putting out a simple Minds.com tutorial soon to help folks learn their way around.   If you want to get in touch with  me you can send me messages through Minds, or you can visit any of our websites and use the contact forms. : www.hopegirlblog.com  www.ftwproject.com www.cleanenergyacademy.com   or you can chat with me through our new chat feature we’ve installed on www.ftwproject.com    or send me an email at our business address fixtheworldproject@gmail.com

So Goodbye Facebook. It’s been…. well, “interesting”.  I hope all my friends can come over to join me on minds.  Hope to see you all there soon!