Month: February 2018


The campaign to finish the QEG just ended today and we are happy to announce that we have raised enough pledges to implement the project. Here is a quick video update describing the details. You can watch a video announcement of this update on Vimeo here: Click here to join the academy Click here for the black box analysis Click here to visit the campaign. You can still receive our rewards packages for this campaign through Paypal.

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Looking for Quantum Curriculum Writers

Our friend Will Stanton is looking for quantum experts to help write an educational curriculum for his new educational model. Here’s a letter from Will describing his project: Hi Quantum experts, My name’s Will Stanton and I’m trying to change the education system by implementing my education model, the Six Dimension Model, on a global scale. The six dimensions are Self-Discovery, Inquiry, Sustainability, Innovation, Communication, and Empathy. You can see this full vision at Me and my team are getting close to completing the curriculum for this education model which, once finished, will be a completely free download...

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Live Call 8 Guest Speaker discusses the Vossahedron, a new, sustainable architecture

Fernando Vossa is an independent Bio-Architect, Quantum Scientist, Inventor, Healer and Fine Artist.  In 2013 he focused on developing a sustainable dome home called the Vossahedron.  The Vossahedron project is an integration of approaches & technologies to establish an architecture that regenerates our body at the cellular level, expands our mental capabilities and connects us to higher spiritual awareness…

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Chasing Tesla The Movie

This movie follows the story of one families quest to replicate a Tesla invention. It explains the history behind a unique form of energy that was discovered by Tesla and explains how he was able to harness energy for use from the environment.  Several examples of Tesla’s patents are used to explain the basics behind how the families generator operates. The generator design was open sourced and has been in development with small teams of engineering enthusiasts around the world. As with other pioneering projects of this nature, the road to completion has seen many obstacles and for years...

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Campaign to Finish the QEG

Hello everyone I am very happy to tell you that we have figured out how to finish the QEG. Recently we’ve discovered new information that we believe is the thing we’ve been missing and we have come up with a plan that we would like to share with all of you! We have outlined the plan in detail and have also provided a lot of technical information and analysis to support our solution at the link below. We have just launched a small crowdfunding campaign to help us finish the project so that we can get all the QEG’s...

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