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Italian Court Rules Mandatory Vaccination Unconstitutional, ‘Fatal Side Effects’ too Risky (Video) – RAIR

Sicily’s Court of Administrative Justice has ruled that Italy’s mandatory Covid vaccination obligation is unconstitutional. The court stated that the experimental mRNA treatments intended to protect the public from Covid have been shown to cause “serious or fatal adverse effects.” The court explains that even if such fatalities are rare, a single death is enough to render the mandate unconstitutional.

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Troops Speak Out Against Biden Administration’s ‘Purge’ of Thousands of U.S. Military Members

On the “Firebrand with Matt Gaetz” podcast, three active duty servicemembers — Air Force Capt. Jordan Karr, Army Maj. Samuel Sigoloff and Air Force Master Sgt. Nickolas Kupper — joined the Florida congressman to discuss the ways the vaccine mandate has been used to carry out a ‘purge’ of thousands of military members, while hurting troop readiness and moral.

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Newborn Baby Deaths hit critical levels from Pfizer Jab

The number of newborn babies sadly dying has surpassed critical levels for the 2nd time in 7 months in Scotland according to the Public Health Scotland database.

The discovery of these record-breaking deaths comes after it was revealed both Pfizer and Medicine Regulators hid the dangers of Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy because the only study conducted found it increases the risk of birth defects & infertility.

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