Brighteon Broadcast News, July 6, 2024 – Hurricane FLOOD warning + Vax-damaged zombie leftists to ERUPT in VIOLENCE when Trump wins

– Hurricane Beryl’s impact on Texas and surrounding areas, heavy rainfall and flooding. (0:03)
– Preparedness for tropical storms: Backup power sources and emergency communication devices. (3:54)
– Generator maintenance and safety tips. (11:00)
– Viral Carnival Cruise Line fights go “ghetto”. (17:28)
– Vaccine-induced brain damage and how it turns human beings into reptilian zombies. (25:39)
– Loss of cognitive function and empathy among leftists due to vaccine damage. (31:43)
– Biden’s cognitive decline and potential election impact. (37:17)
– Democratic Party division and calls for Joe Biden to step down. (50:58)
– Potential violence from left-wing extremists after Trump’s election win. (56:44)
– Firearms and self-defense, using the rule of law to halt violence. (1:02:49)
– Converting AR-15s to bolt-action rifles for legal use in California. (1:06:04)
– Preparing for the zombie apocalypse and protecting communities. (1:12:31)





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