Josh Sigurdson reports on the 70 people being surveilled in Colorado for so-called “bird flu” as the establishment once again attempts to bring in new lockdown measures and disrupt the food supply.

The covid hoax seems to be repeating itself as we saw many surveilled at the beginning of 2020, we’re seeing it again with “bird flu” which is of course “diagnosed” using PCR tests that cannot diagnose a specific illness. They want to vaccinate 33 billion chickens and are locking a limited number of people in their homes once again. They’re claiming that milk is tainted with “H5N1” or “avian flu” and that it has spread to cows and the meat supply which has lead to many saying people should avoid meat products. This is of course absurd and yet another way to get people eating food rations attached to carbon credits and CBDCs.

Meanwhile, just in time, the Pandemic Treaty is about to be voted on. While many have noted that the UK is refusing to sign on to it, the reason is because they want MORE vaccines!
It is beyond obvious that they’re ramping up propaganda to push us back into the bondage of lockdown. Will people comply this time? Or will people learn from the last lockdown and reject the tyranny?

We also detail how people are still buying the cult narrative from 2020 and believing in covid. Josh and David Icke both expose the absurdity of the covid claims on Twitter/X.





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