In an interview with Greg Hunter from USAWatchdog, Catherine Austin Fitts has said that “No matter who is president, they will allow bioweapons to kill Americans without hesitation.” She also argues that the former president Donald Trump is either a knowing participant in the Covid bioweapon operation, or he is grossly incompetent not to understand what’s happening, which Fitts claims is highly unlikely.

James Hill M.D, Highlights the key points of the conversation:

Trump Sold Out America by Promoting Covid Shots: Analyst

In either case, Trump should not be president,” opines Fitts, “just as toxic injection mandater Joe Biden shouldn’t, either.

Catherine Austin Fitts: You can say Trump was on board for a depopulation [with Covid jabs] or Trump got rolled. Either one is not a very good case to be made that he ought to be president.

Greg Hunter: I just can’t believe that he would say, sure, let’s kill millions of people.

Catherine Austin Fitts: But go back. Then you’re saying he’s incompetent, because if I knew what I knew [about vaccines] — don’t tell me I knew more than Trump. I just don’t buy that.

Catherine Austin Fitts: – [Trump] put $10 billion into a military program to depopulate Americans.

Greg Hunter: Do you think he was told the truth, though?

I mean, [Trump Covid advisor Dr. Deborah] Birx came out on Fox and said, “I always knew the mRNA injections would not offer much protection against infection.” She came out and said that.

Catherine Austin Fitts: There was one person who understood how dangerous vaccines are that was in political life.

It was Donald Trump because this was a big issue during the campaign. And he made a big issue about the dangers of vaccines. So he knows.

[In November 1963] the U.S. intelligence agencies and military and establishment got together and killed president [Kennedy], right?

And who controls the Secret Service?

The Secretary of the Treasury and the people who run the country. So the deep state controls the Secret Service, and their guns point out, and their guns point in. So in a highly centralized system, the president has very little power.

Tweedle Dee vs. Tweedle Dum

Catherine Austin Fitts: So there is no right versus left. There is no Trump versus Biden.

There is a machine in control of a spending machine financed with our taxes and debt borrowed in our name that is being sold into our pension funds and retirement accounts.

And that machine, to keep balancing the books, is implementing a depopulation plan. That is the reality that has to be faced. And changing the president won’t matter.






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