The first time TruNews visited Barcelona in 2017, we heard about the Global Brain. The target date to complete the global brain was 2030. The last time we visited Barcelona was in 2019. We witnessed in real time the microchipping of a human being, and the instant transfer of money from one bank to another by scanning a microchipped man’s arm with a phone. What is the event? It is Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024. Over 100,000 communication and technology professionals will attend from many nations.

It is the official global conference of the GMSA, the mobile phone industry’s trade association for 750 mobile phone operators. We have not attended a Mobile World Congress for five years. Why are we returning in 2024? If you want to know where technology is going, this is one of the best conferences in the world to attend. Today, we will look back to that first Mobile World Congress that TruNews attended in 2017 where we heard about the coming Global Brain.





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