On Saturday, the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) released a statement claiming: “Governments make progress towards agreeing amendments to the International Health Regulations.”

However, as Dr. Meryl Nass pointed out, the main point about this statement is that WHO declared it will not share the finalised International Health Regulations (“IHR”) amendments with the public and member states four months before the vote on it in May 2024 as WHO’s own rules require.

“WHO’s press release states what happened in very general terms, so only the already-initiated will understand it,” Dr. Nass said.

Here are the relevant statements within WHO’s press release:

We will continue work on a range of issues in the inter-sessional period before WGIHR6, as well as in early 2024.

The Co-Chairs noted that, in reference to Decision WHA75(9), it appeared unlikely that the package of amendments would be ready by January 2024. In this regard, the Working Group agreed to continue its work between January and May 2024. The Director-General will submit to the 77th Health Assembly the package of amendments agreed by the Working Group.

Governments make progress towards agreeing amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005), World Health Organisation, 7 October 2023

Dr. Nass explained what happened:

Article 55 of the WHO Constitution requires that amendments to WHO documents be offered to the member states and public 4 months in advance of a vote.

The Saudi co-chair said to the public that his Working Group on the IHR amendments may not complete their work by January needed to meet the timeline to be voted on in May 2024. In a choreographed move, he asked Principal Legal Officer Steven Solomon what to do about this. Solomon had already crafted a plan. His plan was to create a specious excuse to ignore the existing rules.

Nobody voted on ignoring them. Nobody said this was okay. It just became a done deal.

The WHO will ignore its own rules and refuse to share the finalised IHR Amendments with the public and member states 4 months before the vote in May 2024, Dr. Meryl Nass, 10 October 2023

Yesterday, Dr. Nass, James Corbett and James Roguski discussed the United Nations, WHO, conflicts of interest and Steven Solomon’s underhand attempt to reinterpret WHO’s rules to pass IHR amendments without the public knowing about it.

Earlier this month, the Working Group on Amendments to the International Health Regulations (“WGIHR”) gathered for one of their mostly secret meetings.  “They dropped what I think is an absolute bombshell,” Roguski said.

The bombshell was that the co-chair of the Working Group, Dr. Abdullah Asiri of Saudi Arabia, said very clearly that the WGIHR don’t think they’re going to meet their deadline.  This is as outlined by Dr. Nass earlier in this article.

Effectively, Dr. Nass said, Solomon provided a fake legal argument for why WGHIR don’t have to give the public four months to review the IHR amendments before they are voted on at the 77th Health Assembly in May 2024.

Roguski believes that the legalese Solomon uses to bend the rules is really an attempt to cover up the WGIHR’s failure to bring the Global South and Global North into agreement.  He also believes the whole charade of the IHR amendments negotiations belongs in a World Trade Organisation setting rather than a World Health Organisation setting. “Because they’re not talking about health, they’re talking about money.  This is a trade dispute about intellectual property and ‘equity’,” he said.

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WGHIR are failing at their public front for this agenda, Corbett argued.  It was never about health, he said.  “It was about the money grab.  Well, that’s a very big part of it.  And now they’re trying to cover it up with legalese and bureaucratic nonsense.”

The three analysts agreed that WHO are trying to sneak in their plans without us noticing until it’s too late. The last thing WHO wants is for people to be paying attention to what they’re doing and raise objections.  Let’s not give WHO what they want; let’s raise our voices and make a fuss. #ExitTheWHO

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At the end of last month, the US House of Representatives passed its annual State Department and Foreign Operations spending bill.  The bill specifically prohibits funds to WHO, along with other organisations with nefarious plans. “Now that bill will go to the Senate,” Dr. Nass said. The bill will go back and forth between the House and Senate until a final bill is agreed.  It will be up for a final vote in about a month or so, she added.  And emphasised that “it’s important that we [Americans] talk to our Senators and our Representatives and say: ‘We want these funding cuts to stay in the bill’.”  #DefundThe WHO

Dr. Nass, Corbett and Roguski then deconstructed the propaganda spread by WHO using a promotional video featuring Solomon.  The takedown of WHO’s dishonest narrative is not only informative but rather enjoyable; it’s recommended watching.

Roguski also discussed the true aims of the theatre of the IHR amendments and a Pandemic Treaty “negotiating text.”  Officially, WHO refers to the Pandemic Treaty as the “WHO CA+,” an abbreviation for WHO accord on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

While this theatre is going on, in the background WHO and its advocates are busy building, among other things, the ‘Global Digital Health Certification Network’, Roguski said.

To add to Roguski’s warning about what is happening behind the scenes, Dr. Nass highlighted a statement by Tedros the Terrorist towards the end of September:

Dr. Tedros said governments and multilateral partners have already commenced building the foundations for a safer world, with the establishment of the Pandemic Fund, the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence, the WHO BioHub to voluntarily share novel biological materials [i.e., biological warfare agents], and the mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub. [Emphasis our own]

WHO welcomes historic commitment by world leaders for greater collaboration, governance and investment to prevent, prepare for and respond to future pandemics, World Health Organisation, 20 September 2023

“These things are specified in the versions of the treaty and the amendments that we’ve seen so far … but they haven’t been negotiated, they haven’t been accepted, they haven’t been voted on,” Dr. Nass said.  If this process is about the member nations negotiating and agreeing to the IHR amendments and a Pandemic Treaty, the question is: Why has WHO already started building all these hubs?

To add to WHO’s duplicity, it is steeped in conflicts of interest. In June 2022, Fahrie Hassan, a South African molecular biologist, exposed WHO’s conflicts of interest at the launch of The African Sovereignty Coalition.  Hassan’s presentation is included at the end of the video below. You can also watch Hassan’s 20-minute presentation HERE.  Hassan gave a more comprehensive presentation to the World Council for Health in July 2022 which you can watch HERE and you can find a copy of the slides from his presentation HERE.

Children’s Health Defense: WHO’s Legal Officer Tries To Reinterpret Rules, Pass IHR Amendments Without the Public Knowing, 9 October 2023 (75 mins)

If you are unable to watch the video above on Rumble, you can watch it on CHDTV HERE.

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