Episode 17 – The COVID Spike Protein Bioweapon, VAIDS
& Vaccine Induced Myocarditis

The COVID Spike Protein Bioweapon, VAIDS & Myocarditis
By Valerie Robitaille

Hello friends and welcome to the Holistic Health Online Podcast. I’m your host, Val Robitaille. In this episode I’m going to talk about the vaccine induced cause of myocarditis. I will now call it a vaccine instead of an experimental injection, because in my eyes and throughout decades of vaccine injuries, they can keep the term because it’s already negative. So I’ll just call it a vaccine and I won’t use that term for anything good.

I used to believe in vaccines about 30 years ago. Actually, I didn’t believe in them. It’s just that I went along with the system and society and I did what every good girl would do, every woman would do to make sure that her children were safe. And I myself got vaccines. And I remember back then, decades ago, how painful some of them were. I can remember, but now I know that every single one of them is contaminated and would never, ever recommend them or take them again. Any type of vaccine.

Official statistics from the UK Government and the CDC strongly suggest people are getting vaccine induced AIDS. Some people believe that the cause of AIDS is only HIV, but there are other causes which include conventional cancer treatments such as chemo and radiation. Leukemia, malnutrition, drugs and medications. And now vaccines. This is a new category proving that AIDS is being caused by the shots. The limited antibodies that the vaccines create fall off by about 40% per month.

So in a few months, the antibodies are down to almost nothing. When the immune system is being degraded by about 6 to 10% per week, there are a myriad of diseases someone can get.

A little background for the spike protein that I think is important. For those who may not know, the spike protein is the toxin that is in the vaccines, but it was also in the actual COVID disease. And it’s a very convoluted, complicated process but I recently posted Judy Mikovits interview with Alex Jones explaining that these are cell lines that have been developed over decades, that they’re putting in all of the vaccines. And what’s happening with the mRNA vaccines, which is Pfizer and Moderna, is that you have a delivery system of this viral packet, what they’re calling the RNA piece that’s carrying a spike protein. And the spike protein goes into our cells and carries along with it the RNA piece, which does a process called transcription into our own DNA. And our cells begin to make spike protein that just proliferate. But the spike protein phenomenon is not found only in Moderna and Pfizer. All the major vaccines. have the ability to turn the human body into a spike protein factory.

Remember, the vaccine and the COVID disease are the same. We’re talking about two phases of one bio weapon. And the spike protein is the thing that’s causing all the illness and death. But there’s another interesting fact about the spike protein, and that is that people have been transmitting it from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated and the unvaccinated are getting sick from this transmission.

Some people call this shedding. Viruses are known to do this. The more COVID shots one gets, the more they’re going to shed the spike protein.

And there’s another ingredient in the vaccines that we should be worried about, and that’s graphene oxide or graphene hydroxide. I’ve covered these issues in my blog so I’m not going to go over them too much here. But graphene oxide contributes to problems like myocarditis, pericarditis, hepatitis, all of these issues because it contributes to blood clotting. And that’s what’s happening in so many organs of the people that have taken two shots, three shots — fully vaxxed are those with two shots and a booster. The booster is a double dose and these people are most likely to shed the spike protein.

Allow me to give you some data. The CDC, which stands for the Centers for Deception and Corruption, has confirmed that 50% of deaths after vaccine occur within 48 hours, 80% occur within a week and 86% of the time there is no other explanation. There’s hundreds of thousands, if not millions of COVID vaccine injuries causing neurological syndromes, paralysis, blindness, seizures, cardiac syndromes, immune system and blood system problems and aggressive cancers. Dr. Ryan Cole in Idaho has seen an alarming rise in cancers in younger and younger people in the last year and a half than in his entire 26 years of being a pathologist.

2021 UK government data stated unusual and aggressive cancers associated with AIDS – up 1,919%. Aids itself was up 1,045%. Herpes virus up 1,880%. Encephalopathy up 1,781%. Aids bacterial infections up 2,047%. Sepsis up 1,024%. And myocarditis up 33,715%!! In children ages 12 to 17, one out of three will develop myocarditis from the mRNA vaccine. (The FDA and CDC have known this since December of 2021.) Cancers overall up to 2,000% and miscarriages are up 300%. The UK has seen a 60% increase in teenage deaths.

What we know about what happens after the second dose of one of these vaccines, we know from biopsies, and we know that the spike protein remains in lymph nodes up to 60 days. The Moderna S1 spike protein remains in the bloodstream for up to 29 days. And the S2 spike protein remains in the cell membranes for four months. There is a mechanism within the patents that Karen Kingston and Dr. Ariyana Love told us that the mRNA portion of the shot will slowly release the spike, maybe in a week or a month or a year. And this can create a delayed disease, slow forming autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis, delayed pancreatic cancer, lupus. These data show us that the spike protein is hanging around and moving around. They attach to the ACE2 receptors in the heart, liver and other organs and cause inflammation of these organs.

And as we know, inflammation is the root cause of most diseases. So you will see diseases like hepatitis in the liver where we’re seeing numbers shoot up in children, some even needing liver transplants. But this isn’t infectious hepatitis. It’s an immune reaction, trying to attack the spike and they inflame the liver causing hepatitis. And they inflame the heart muscle or the lining around the heart, causing myocarditis and / or pericarditis. Any time you see itis at the end of an anatomical feature of the body, it means inflammation. Now, if you don’t have the important components of the immune system needed to keep the poisonous spike protein in check, that’s when you get into trouble. And this is why early intervention is crucial, whether it be ivermectin, boosting your immune system, hydroxychloroquine, all the things that the FDA and the CDC told you not to take, please take them! Please make sure you have your medicine cabinet full of things that are going to ensure that the next virus, vaccine, or should I call it bioweapon, that they throw at us is something that we can handle because our immune system is absolutely our best weapon by far. After the fourth shot…so that’s the first two and then two boosters, the immune system antibodies absolutely plummet.

Cases of myocarditis have been increasing dramatically for over a year since the inception of the COVID vaccine for our youth. And contrary to the CDC and FDA officials, vaccine induced myocarditis and pericarditis symptoms are neither mild nor rare.

In November 2021, there were 10,000 reported cases of myocarditis in young people and 90% of them required hospitalization. These reports are only the tip of the iceberg and certainly not rare or mild. And while the CDC site reports that patients coming from medical care have responded well to medication and rest, and had prompt improvement of symptoms, I have found this statement difficult to verify among people. It’s as if they’re just saying something, anything with no further explanation. No figures, dates, stats. Nothing.

And what about those who have been rejected by the doctors telling them there is no more they can do for them after these same medical quacks coerced them into taking the vaccines the first place? There’s a 67% increase in myocarditis stroke, heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases in the age group of 15 to 44 since this age group was first offered the COVID 19 injection.

Myocarditis is heart muscle inflammation and pericarditis is inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. Now, in this discussion, I can’t provide references because it would have been too exhaustive and I couldn’t possibly have finished this episode. So instead, I would like to present the doctors and other brave men and women who are telling the truth. The real story about COVID vaccines and the damage and deaths these have caused. These people include.

Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole. Dr. Betsy Eades. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. Dr. Jane Ruby. Dr. Richard Fleming. Dr. Robert Malone. Dr. Judy Mikovits. America’s Frontline Doctors and the FLCCC. Amazing Polly. Alex Jones and Infowars. And Karen Kingston. And there’s many, many, many more. So many of us are out there fighting; the truth tellers on podcasts and on blog posts springing upSet featured image everywhere. Thank you all. And please verify everything that I present here by researching these amazing truth heroes.

The way that we know that myocarditis is from the vaccines is because it’s very different than the natural infectious myocarditis. It’s usually more mild and in many cases will resolve itself.

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines cause myocarditis beyond a shadow of doubt. Myocarditis affects males much more than females. And in general, the risks of this vaccine is far greater than getting COVID.

And you may have heard about the hundreds, probably thousands by now, of sudden deaths of high performance athletes on the field all over the world. The reason this is happening is because during intense exercise, the body releases catecholamines, which are your stress hormones like adrenaline. So when vaccine induced myocarditis is present and there is a surge of adrenaline or other stress hormones due to hard exercise, this is what induces sudden death. And the average age of athletes suffering cardiac arrest on the field is 23 years old.

Many doctors warned that these vaccines would cause terrible organ damage, specifically the spike protein, which damages the endothelial cells lining the circulatory system.

And let me just address the vaccine campaign monsters like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and the heads of most governments of the world who are pushing the agenda that heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, myocarditis and pericarditis are common among young people. My eye  they are! When was the last time you saw 800 athletes collapse and die on the field in one year? Only after getting COVID vaccine is this the new normal. And there’s an attempt to minimize the nature of this damage. But it’s becoming more and more clear as the data roll in and our ability to catch it before it’s censored.

Dr. Robert Malone, who’s one of the inventors of mRNA vaccine technology, who is trying to warn the world about how terribly wrong the global vaccine campaign is going, recently announced that subclinical myocarditis, meaning those who don’t go to the hospital, may be occurring in the majority of vaccine recipients. He also said that there’s an attempt to convince the public that clinical, or in the hospital myocarditis is mild and that this is something children recover from. But the fact is, the heart doctors are seeing these cases of myocarditis behaving just like the classic myocarditis with a 5 to 10 year survival rate. That’s 20% mortality rate at one year and 50% at five years. And the vaccines don’t even work for what they were manufactured for!

Over 80% of people who have taken the vaccine are getting COVID. And those actual numbers look like 35,000 people a day are getting COVID.

So now that I’ve given you some statistics and you can tell how I feel about the whole thing, I wanted to make something very clear to people that know about the spike protein and the graphene oxide. The graphene oxide acts like a metal, a heavy metal or foreign particulate of some kind in the body, which the body, under good circumstances, when the immune system is strong, is able to handle these types of things. It may take some time, but normally your body can get rid of the graphene oxide. However, if you’ve taken two shots, a booster, two boosters, gotten the PCR tests several times, the graphene oxide is cumulative, so it’s going to continue to build in your body. So it’s very important if you are trying to detox the shot, that you stop taking tests, stop taking shots, just stop –because it’s going to continue to accumulate in your body. And they’re using this accumulation of graphene oxide to magnify frequencies that are coming in the air waves. We’ll talk more about that in another podcast. The important thing is to stop taking the shots. Your body will be able to detox the graphene oxide or the graphene hydroxide that may be present if you just stop putting it back in.

The spike protein, however, is a bit of a different story because remember, it’s attached to that mRNA piece of virus that is replicating within the DNA of your cells. We don’t really know how to stop that, but we do know that DNA corrects itself. The spike protein is a well known pathogen. It’s cytotoxic, meaning it’s toxic to the cell and it will proliferate in the cell for as far as we know, as long as 15 months, 17 months. These are some of the figures that we’ve still been able to see with the spike protein. But if you stop taking the injections, then you will not have more and more spike protein being manufactured through your DNA. And I believe eventually your DNA will correct itself to the God given DNA that you originally had.

I know that these are very scary things to talk about and to think about and so many people just took the shots in good faith that the governments had their their best interest at heart. But this is very far from the truth. The governments of the world have sold us out. This whole COVID thing is about control, and it’s about the governments that have been paid off or bought to do certain things like mask mandates and vaccine mandates and lockdowns and social distancing and all of that. All of it is a hoax. And I hope that those listening to this podcast right now can see that that is the truth and that the people that have perpetuated this hoax will get what is coming to them. They will do those perp walks, just like in the Nuremberg code. What happened during that time? During those trials, hundreds of people were hanged. We only heard about 11 or 12 of them, I believe, but it was literally hundreds because there were so many more people that were responsible, just like the medical doctors that know exactly what’s going on in the hospitals and they are just going along with it. Well, their time is going to come. This cannot go on for much longer. At least I hope not. In my heart of hearts, that is my hope because I’m working with many people now that are sick and they seem to be more and more happening as time goes by.

So what I’m here to tell you today is that your immune system is the most important consideration to be able to fight off the spike protein, the graphene oxide and any other thing that they’re going to come up with for us. Your immune system, your God given beautiful, miraculous immune system will protect you like nothing else can. They knew that people don’t have enough knowledge, and they knew that they would get away with vaccinating billions of people with this poisonous, horrible, possibly snake venomous injection.

This is not a vaccine the way we remember vaccines, which haven’t been pure probably ever. But what we were told is that it was going to prevent the infections and prevent transmission. This does none of that. It’s only causing harm. Even if you get some benefit from the vaccine, getting your first shot, your second shot… We just discussed that after a month or a few months, your immune system is shot. So you’ve got to work on getting that immune system up to par. And the way that you do this, first and foremost, is you educate yourself about antioxidants and what they have to do with what’s happening in the body if you suspect you’re sick from the spike protein or graphene oxide or any other concoction that they put in the vaccine. We’ve seen lots and lots of pictures in the past year and a half or so, microscopic images, including ones that I took, but I didn’t get to see what’s in the vaccine. I just got to see what’s in the blood, the way the blood looks.

So some basics. Make sure that you’re drinking high quality, clean water and that could be distilled water. Investing in a water distiller at this time is a very, very wise thing to do. If you’re concerned about losing minerals because it’s distilled, don’t be. Because if you’re losing minerals, you can always replace them with a nice little good ionic mineral solution, but it’s not an issue. I’ve been drinking distilled water for several years now and I don’t have mineral loss. If anything, it has helped my body to displace calcium from where it shouldn’t be to where it should go. And so don’t worry about that. Just make sure that you’re drinking pretty good water and that you’re staying well hydrated.

The basic supplements to be taking include n acetyl cysteine commonly known as NAC, which will help your body make its own master antioxidant, glutathione. You can also take some glutathione as a supplement, but the NAC is definitely needed and NAC has other properties as well that are beneficial. It’s actually used in hospitals and has been for many, many years when there is some type of poisoning, like acetaminophen poisoning from Tylenol, so they know all about it. And the FDA was trying to and still is trying to take it off the market. I don’t believe Amazon sells it anymore. But anyway, you can get it from me. You can get it from s health food store, a good health food store. It’s very important that you take this supplement and it’s quite cheap, very affordable. Glutathione on the other hand, is quite expensive and I only recommend taking it like maybe two or three times a week.

You should be taking vitamins C and D, and the mineral zinc, and a couple more very important antioxidants that have proven to be very powerful in this particular detox are quercetin and astaxanthin. And you should take milk thistle for your liver. Protect your liver, because as you’re detoxing these foreign substances, your liver’s job is going to be harder.

So you want to assist it, help it along.

Melatonin is very important for really good neurological type detox, and we discussed the lymphatic system in another podcast. Melatonin is a hormone that works to detox your brain while you’re sleeping.

These are the nine ingredients that are included in our Graphene Oxide Detox (GOD)  protocol. And while every antioxidant will degrade graphene oxide, these supplement recommendations are specific to keep the master antioxidant glutathione elevated for those who have taken the jab and are experiencing either the magnetic phenomenon, blood clotting and any of the other symptoms of graphene oxide toxicity.

We’re exposed and have been exposed to graphene and graphene oxide and many other heavy metals and toxins simply by way of living in modern times. Industries spew out their gases into the atmosphere and the water, and we have very few options for escape. One of them is to remain healthy through diet and lifestyle and keep your immune system in the best health with sufficient levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

And now specifically for myocarditis, and especially if you have stayed out of the hospital, are treating yourself or have been rejected by the medical doctors and feel that you have to do something. There are a few supplements that you can take, but like my advice for anyone that wants to improve the quality of their life, I say “get healthy, eat healthy, take the supplements, change your lifestyle in order to keep the spike protein making in check.” If that’s what’s happening for you, this will take care of any infection that may be brewing inside.

You’ll have to do your research very carefully if you are taking prescriptions.

According to the Mayo Clinic, cases of myocarditis that are severe weaken the heart, making this organ susceptible to blood clots and heart attack and stroke. Viruses are the most common cause although other microorganisms are known to cause myocarditis like bacteria, fungus and protozoans. Myocarditis can be acute or chronic but if healing has taken place through fibrosis and scarring, or scar tissue, the heart won’t be able to contract and relax properly. The injuries in organs distant from the site of infection are due to the microvascular system, the incrementally smaller and smaller veins and arteries of the circulatory system that traverse the entire body.

When there is inflammation in the heart muscle, it will enlarge. This weakens the heart and makes it work harder to circulate blood and oxygen. So one of the very first herbs I recommend has been used with great success with heart problems such as congestive heart failure, and myocardial abnormalities of many kinds, including inflammation: Hawthorn Berries are powerful antioxidant healers of heart damage and various other cardiovascular ailments. This is because Hawthorn improves, the heart’s pumping ability, stabilizes arrhythmias and strengthens the heart.

Arjuna Bark is considered a heart tonic because it generally improves heart health. It improves the capacity of the heart to pump blood and speeds up recovery after cardiac injury. It’s most commonly used for prevention of myocardial infarction or heart attack by helping reduce plaque buildup in the arteries. Arjuna Bark is good stuff for the heart!

Notoginseng is an Adaptogenic herb similar to but different than ginseng and has been shown to be effective in stopping internal bleeding and arrhythmias. An adaptogenic herb is one that helps the body deal with stress that has physiological effects such as tissue trauma, chemical toxicity, and other stressors.

Reishi and other medicinal mushrooms are excellent immune boosters, and they are also antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

Coq10 protects the heart from myocarditis, heart inflammation and heart attack. Coq10 is an energy molecule for your heart and other organs. If you’re taking statin drugs for high cholesterol, you must take CoQ10 because statins deplete your heart’s CoQ10, its energy production.

EGCGs. These protect against all tissue inflammation, including heart tissue, and inhibits excessive blood clotting. Now, you could take Egcg in green tea. That’s where it comes from. Or you could take it as a supplement.

And I’ve put together another protocol to Stop Spike Protein that includes dandelion leaf, licorice, extract, pomegranate and pectinate. And just a word about dandelion extract. It’s one of the many herbs that will assist in a healthy immune response. Better yet, dandelion extract could prove to prevent infections altogether by blocking the precise channel by which the spike proteins attach and cause viral replication. Dandelion purifies the blood, works in the liver and kidneys, and strengthens the immune system. It’s rich in vitamins A, B, C and D, fatty acids and antioxidants. It aids in digestion by increasing the release of stomach acid and bile.

Licorice contains vitamin E, b-complex pantothenic acid, lecithin, biotin, niacin, manganese and other trace elements such as glycyrrhizic acid. It also contains chemicals called triterpinoids, which are cancer blocking substances. It’s useful in treating inflammatory stomach conditions by increasing the production of protective mucus in the stomach. And it’s good to use for ulcers and adrenal insufficiencies. Also has the property of rejuvenating the heart the spleen, liver and bloodstream, counteracting stress and treating depression.

Pomegranates are high in polyphenols and offer many potential benefits because of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of these micronutrients. Pomegranate supplements help treat risk factors for many diseases, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, oxidative stress, hyperglycemia, inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis. And recent research in June 2021 shows pomegranate helps to block the spike protein – covid -from entering at the ace2 receptors on cells. And by the way, so does licorice.

And finally, modified citrus pectin or pectin which is a complete polysaccharide obtained from the peel and pulp of citrus fruits. It’s rich in galacticoside residues, which are molecules that have an affinity for binding to certain types of cells. Modified citrus pectin provides nutritional support for oncology patients because it’s anti metastatic and also for liver detoxification. And recent research in June of 2021 has shown that hesperidin protein from citrus has beneficial effects on blood vessels, and protects against the COVID spike protein.

There are other ingredients, but these are pretty basic and foundational.

There are a few herbs and foods that you can also incorporate into your diet, such as. Ginger. Garlic. Bilberry. Grapefruit. Camellia. Sinensis which is green tea. Fenugreek. Aloe vera and cayenne. Please look these up. Do your research! And I have available on my website different protocols for different situations, and also over 350 single supplements that you can utilize at this time. There’s a ton of information on my blog from the past two years about different studies and statistics. Get yourself educated, research, learn more and never stop learning. This is an attack on our entire beloved humanity, and we’re all in it. So let’s just stay healthy so that they can’t harm us anymore.

And a quote from Dr. Ryan Cole:

We are in the midst of the longest, saddest, most excruciating and unsatisfying I told you so in the history of the world.

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