In this short presentation I am explaining how our EAS routes from where the physical equipment is to you, whereever you may be and with what you may or may not have with you (cell phone, ipad, laptop etc.). My sincere hope in delivering the data in this manner is that people can source the hard routing diagrams, outputs on the equipment and help people understand how we are utilizing mesh networking and DAA or Distributed Access Architecture to achieve the body area network cyber physical connectivity.

Thank you for your time and going forward I have a more simple map to blend into my signage, but it’s mission critical that folks who do understand computer networking can help others comprehend that we are not sourcing your phone directly nor are we relying on your use of any external body control unit. We can utilize a BCU as a bootstrap or to hold data, but the WSN Wireless sensor networks (802.15.5) are the primary tool in use to expedite specialized routes by multiple protocols and access vectors.”

“Cable operators need to transform their infrastructures to meet the new services, features, and capacity demands of the marketplace. The Distributed Access Architecture (DAA), which will enable them to modernize their infrastructures, will require them to fundamentally modernize the analog network that has connected their headends and hubs to the access network. The new network is called a Converged Interconnect Network (CIN) and should ultimately be a digital, IP routed network that will connect the headends and data centers to the access network.”

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