Dismantling the COVID-19 Deceptions. Dr. Andrew Huff’s guidance and expert witness testimony is part of the deceptive global narrative that a SARs-CoV-2 virus caused COVID-19.


Prior to COVID-19, the NIH defined gain-of-function (GOF) as;

Gain-of-function research involves experimentation that aims or is expected to increase the transmissibility and/or virulence of pathogens.”

A pathogen is any infectious organism that can cause disease, disabilities, or death. Based on this definition, gain-of-function research is not exclusively genetic modifications to pathogens, also known as gain-of-function mRNA viruses.

Under the historical definition, gain-of-function may include technology as a delivery mechanism. For example, the use of technology to aerosolize a weaponized mRNA virus. But beyond the use of technology as a delivery device, the historical definition of gain-of-function was inclusive of the fusion of a pathogenic organisms with nanotechnologiesthe merger of biology with technology to create an Ai bioweapon.

That was the definition of gain-of-function, until the NIH changed it in 2021.

According to the May 26, 2022, publication Oversight of Gain of Function Research with Pathogens: Issues for Congress, the revised NIH definition of gain-of-function research:

“The term GAIN-OF-FUNCTION refers to ANY GENETIC MUTATION in an organism that confers (results in) a new or enhanced ability.

The new NIH definition of GOF is now exclusively limited to the use of mRNA and similar technologies to only genetically edit pathogens and viruses.

Unlike the 2020 NIH definition of gain-of-function (GOF) research, the new definition excludes the integration of an organic pathogen with technology, or the development of Ai bioweapons.

After decades of research, experts agree (including Ralph Baric, the inventor of SARS-CoV-2), that mRNA viruses are completely useless inside the human body on their own. GOF mRNA viruses have zero utilityunless the mRNA sequences are merged with an advanced nanotechnology and encapsulated in a delivery system.

It is scientifically impossible for SARS-CoV-2 to infect humans without the lipid nanoparticle technology.

Per a March 6, 2021, C&EN article interviewing mRNA experts from Moderna, NIH/NIAID, Carnegie Mellon, Sanofi. et al.; and the inventors of the WIV-1 SARs-CoV-2 spike protein GOF mRNA sequences (Barney Graham from the NIAID and Jason McLellan from Moderna), the author summarizes these mRNA experts’ opinions:

“Fragile mRNA molecules used in the COVID-19 vaccines can’t get into cells on their own. They owe their success to lipid nanoparticles that took decades to refine.”

The ‘fragile mRNA molecules used in the COVID-19 vaccines’ is the SAR-CoV-2 GOF mRNA virus.

Per the August 23, 2021, FDA approved biological license application for PFIZER’s COVID-19 vaccines:

“COMIRNATY contains mRNA of SARs-CoV-2 that is formulated in lipid (nanoparticles).”

Decades of scientific evidence, research and government documents irrefutably demonstrated that SARs-CoV-2 can not enter human cells without the lipid nanoparticles (LNP) because all genetically edited GOF mRNA viruses are fragile and unstable molecules.

Human-to-human transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is impossible without the lipid nanoparticle technology (LNP). The NIH funded the mergence of viral sequences with a biosynthetic Ai nanoweapon, which does not meet the current NIH definition of GOF research.

Under the new NIH definition, gain-of-function mRNA viral research is limited to genetic editing of biological viruses and should not be a concern, other than tremendous amount of wasted money.

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Per the Gateway PunditDr. Andrew Huff, former VP from EcoHealth Alliance, partnered with attorney Thomas Renz, to send a report to Congress on the ‘REAL’ origins of SARS-CoV-2, and to confirm that it was gain-of-function research, funded by Ralph Baric out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

As you read through the September 12, 2022, Renz Law Report in its entirety, any logical adult would conclude that Dr. Andrew Huff’s expert testimony and guidance confirms that the GOF research funded by the NIH/NIAID (Fauci) through EcoHealth Alliance and Ralph Baric, and then was completed at the Wuhan lab, was for the genetic modifications of novel coronaviruses and the creation of SARs-CoV-2.

This logical conclusion couldn’t be farther from the TRUTH.

In January of 2018EcoHealth Alliance, Ralph Baric and Wuhan/Zhenghli Shi teamed up again to submit a proposal to DARPA. The EcoHealth DARPA proposal clearly states, “We will develop recombinant chimeric spike-proteins from known SARSr-CoVs.” “We will RECONSTRUCT and characterize SPIKE TRIMERS…and INCORPORATE THEM INTO NANOPARTICLES…

Dr. Huff provided expert guidance to Tom Renz, noting that the 2018 DARPA proposal was to enhance the entry into ACE-2 receptors. Dr. Huff provided guidance that improved entry of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein was based on genetic editing to the furin-cleavage site (double CGG codon for HIV GP120) into ACE-2 receptors.

What doctor Huff failed to mentioned, was that all the ‘gain-of-function’ gene-editing modifications to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and spike protein were useless unless the spike protein was merged with nanotechnology that prevents the mRNA virus from disintegrating into thin air…

“People used to say if you looked at it (mRNA) wrong it would fall apart.” – Sanofi Chief Technology Office, Head of Global mRNA Research, Frank DeRosa

…and then encapsulating the spike protein or mRNA into a nanotechnology that can host a positive ionic charge to penetrate the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane….

….and then use lipid nanoparticles to infect mammals (humans) via aerosol attack, surface contact attack, or contaminating our food and beverages with the mRNA GOF Ai bioweapon.

Huff’s expert guidance states that the GOF mRNA viral sequences created from a bat-research lab in Laos, China, nearly matched the SARs-CoV-2 virus. Huff advises that there is no evidence to support the theory that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was transmitted from bats to humans.

Huff failed to mention that there is no evidence to support human-to-human transmission either, based on a 4-billion year evolutionary defense mechanism called the lipid bilayer found in all organic living cells. Unless…the weaponized GOF mRNA viruses and spike proteins were encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles that host a positive ionic charge to penetrate the cell wall.

This is critical information that our senators and US military need to know, not the ‘expert validation’ of a scientifically impossible mRNA virus theory and false narrative – that SARS-CoV-2 was ever capable of human-to-human transmission.

EcoHealth GOF research was not for genetic enhancements of RNA viruses or the mRNA GOF enhancement of the SARs-CoV-2 virus. The NIH/EcoHealth/WIV GOF research was for the creation of mRNA quantum dot Ai bioweapons that are parasitic in nature.

Under the current deceptive narrative, we are told that these parasitic-Ai bioweapons are biological spike proteins.

The spike protein sequences are created in a lab, merged with quantum dot, encapsulated in carbon nanotubes, and then loaded into lipid nanoparticles.

As it stands today, Dr. Andrew Huff’s expert guidance and witness testimony confirms the deceptive global narrative that it was an mRNA virus, SARs-CoV-2, that caused COVID-19 and the loss of millions of lives around the globe. Because it’s unclear how Dr. Huff defined gain-of-function in his own mind when he gave his testimony under penalty of perjury, it’s not perjury.

America and humanity could greatly benefit if Dr. Huff would provide written testimony as to how he defines GOF, and as to whether or not the NIH-funded EcoHealth Alliance/WIV GOF research was for the creation of mRNA viruses based on genetic modifications exclusively (new definition)or to create pathogens that merged organic and inorganic elements to create Ai bioweapons (old definition).

The truth is that the NIH/EcoHealth’s mRNA GOF-research funded the development of parasitic Ai bioweapons (mRNA Qdot) that are delivered in advanced lipid nanoparticle technologies and can inoculate (infect) animals and humans through aerosol sprays and contamination of gels, food, and beverages, as the DARPA proposal states.

Clarification from Dr. Andrew Huff regarding his testimony can easily be provided if Dr. Huff would answer the following questions under penalty of perjury.

“Is your sworn testimony you provided to Renz Law regarding your observations and documentation of GOF research, that you either produced or reviewed, regarding the NIH/NIAID-funded EcoHealth Alliance GOF research out of WIV, based on the definition of GOF research when you were employed with EcoHealth Alliance, up until the end of 2019? Or is your testimony based on the definition of GOF research when you gave your testimony on September 13, 2022?”

“Did you produce or review any documentation or observe any research that encapsulated mRNA viruses, virions, mRNA sequences, codons, oligonucleotides, or chimeric spike proteins with nanotechnologies? Or that were merged with nanotechnologies? Including but not limited to carbon nanotubes (SWCNT), lipid nanoparticles, quantum dot, and cubosomes?”

The Kingston Report. TRUTH WINS.

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SOURCE: https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/part-6-gain-of-function-mrna-research

A Note From HopeGirl


I believe Karen Kingston was led by God to read through thousands of pages of patents and government documentation, and was shown by the Holy Spirit the most undeniable proof of what has been done to the human race through the COVID-19 vaccines. Her interviews have had many millions of views and many people have come forward saying that it was because of the information Karen Kingston researched that caused them to not get the COVID injections and saved their lives.

Karen was targeted for this work. They tried to poison her on several occasions and we strongly believe that she was targeted by direct energy weapons.  They got to her family and they used typical COINTEL-PRO tactics to try to gaslight her and portray her as “not being well” or “acting crazy” due to malaria drugs. She fled for her life and left her country to go to Mexico and made a video from Mexico pleading for her life and asking that her name be taken off a hit list.   Many people reached out to Karen during this time, including ourselves, Karen did not respond to most people. One can only assume that they got to her. After a couple of weeks she returned to the US and went on two interviews recanting her information. And then she came out on her paid substack formally stating that she has officially decided to resign from doing any additional analysis on mRNA or COVID-19.

In the book of Esther, God commissioned Esther to be the one unique voice to speak out and save his people from perishing. Esther was married to the King and was the one person who could speak to him to stop the planned slaughter of thousands of people. In those times no one could speak to the king without being summoned first and the penalty to do so was death.  I believe Karen is a lot like Esther in this respect. NO ONE was able to put together the information that was in those patents the way Karen did. I’ve spent many hours buried in Karens work and it is obvious to me that she was divinely guided to speak to the world the truth of what was in the shots.

When Esther’s relative Mordecai revealed to her the evil plan to slaughter her people and asked her to speak out to save them, Esther hesitated, fearing for her own life if she spoke out. Mordecai replied to Esther: “Do not imagine that because you are in the king’s palace you alone will escape the fate of all the Jews. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows if perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

Since I read this morning that Karen has chosen to silence herself permanently, I have decided to re-blog her work so that it doesn’t disappear forever.  I guess in this case “relief and deliverance will arise from another place” is the Hopegirl blog.