By now you may have heard that there was a 7.2 earthquake where we live in Marrakech Morocco. It happened on Friday September 8th at 11:30 at night for us. So many people have been reaching out to us to ask if we are ok so we just wanted to provide an update to everyone.

We are ok, our house is ok along with our family  our staff and our pets. Our business has not been affected and we will be able to proceed with filling orders as normal. Truly our house was guarded by angels during what was one of the scariest things we’ve ever experienced.  Many old buildings in the Medina have collapsed, some of them were businesses of friends of ours. Entire villages in the mountains have been leveled and thousands of people have died, including two children we know who’s house collapsed on them. We are in tears, and doing what we can to help our loved ones to bury the dead.  The King of Morocco has declared three days of mourning. We are still assessing the damage and feel that it may take years to fully recover what this has done to Marrakech.


For the first 24 hours or so we were without electricity or water so it was difficult to respond to the many emails, phone calls and messages we have been getting from people all over the world asking if we were ok.  We are truly overwhelmed with emotion seeing how many people thought of us when the news of this earthquake went out around the world.  We didn’t realize just how much of an impact we had on so many people.  Thank you so much again we made a recording here on Rumble with pictures if you would like to hear more.

We saw an analysis done by Dutchsinse on youtube that seems to explain it better than most. We don’t live on a fault line, there hasn’t been an earthquake here in the memory of anyones lifetime. The epicenter was inside of the Atlas mountains, there was an earthquake of the same magnitude in New Zealand several hours before it hit Morocco. New Zealand is on the opposite side of the planet suggesting that the energy for this earthquake went straight through the core of the planet and came out of the mountain in Morocco. It felt like it was very deep in the earth.

I’ve been in an earthquake on the fault line in Tacoma Washington, the building went side to side like an ice cube in a martini shaker. Yesterdays quake was not like this, the ground and the house just started vibrating in waves and it kind of felt like an up and down motion like ocean waves in a storm. The craziest thing…almost nothing fell off the shelves in my house. I have glasses and breakables balanced on shelves everywhere, nothing fell! I know angels were here protecting us, especially when so many around us have died. We feel like Rahab in the walls of Jericho.

You can view that here:


I’ve been re-tweeting some of the latest footage and pictures from the earthquake on my twitter profile which you can find here:

I’ll embed some of the tweets below, a lot of this is hard to watch.