Josh Sigurdson reports on the threats of further lockdowns as Britain is on lockdown alert over an “endemic” caused by mosquitoes. It just happens that vaccine mosquitoes were just released by Bill Gates.

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever which government science shills claim kills 40% of people who get it and cannot be tested for properly is the latest fear monger campaign to bring in further lockdowns in Britain. At the same time fear is spreading in the US as “Norovirus” allegedly spreads on cruise ships.

The reality is that likely there are no real illnesses being “spread” outside of vaccine induced illnesses and this proves to be a good coverup for the deaths. All the same, there is no doubt that we are being poisoned in multiple ways every day as well.

The United Nations recently claimed they could take control measures over nearly all countries at the same time to force lockdowns over climatic events, pandemics, power grid failures and much more. Interesting that days after the UN makes such claims, there are threats of further lockdowns due to some “endemic” virus.

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