Recent UN and WEF documents are focusing on setting up the prison planet grid infrastructure. Part of this grid is to connect the bodies of human beings to the internet so that we can be controlled.  We have discovered a body of work that discloses what the technology is that does this, how it works, and what the plans are for rolling it out.

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While this technology is not really something new (its been worked on since at least the 1990’s) it was kept hidden and implemented covertly for years and then recently launched in full force right before Covid.  Perhaps it is the reason why Covid happened.

The network consists of a global grid that runs on 6G and 7G frequencies that connects all surfaces of the planet through satellites in space to the nano machine technology that has been injected into 5.55 billion people through the Covid-19 Injections.


– United Nations Planning Digital ID Linked to Bank Accounts with LEO Satellites
–   “Covid Vaccines Are Small Scale Bio-Nano Machines that are Programmed and Injected
–   No one Was Told They Were being Injected with Electromagnetic Devices-Karen Kingstons Work
–   Quantum Dot Technology Makes You Emit Blue Tooth Codes
–   Finally Explained! White Fibrous Structures Pulled Out of Vaccinated Deceased
–   Nanotech programmed to manipulate your electrical balance and suck the life out of you
–   Targeted Individual Program Testing Ground For What They Plan to Do to The World Population   Through the Great Reset
–   Frequencies Used on Humans, Brain Sensing and Control, Smart Dust, geoengineering, control grid
–   Nanotech Timeline: The Next Manhattan Project For the Great Reset

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Finally Explained! White Fibrous Clots From Vaccinated Deceased


Notes from the show:


Recently three new policy briefs were issued by the United Nations planning to have your digital ID linked to bank accounts. Essentially, the objective is to have people, devices, and entities, all tied up in a connected network that could apparently be centrally administered, seemingly by unelected bureaucrats.

United Nations Planning Digital ID Linked To Bank Accounts

Essentially, the objective is to have people, devices, and entities, all tied up in a connected network that could apparently be centrally administered, seemingly by unelected bureaucrats.

A Global Digital Impact Brief:

Reforms to the International Financial Architecture

The Future of Outer Space Governance

You might say, “what does outer space have to do with linking up peoples bank accounts to their digital ID?”  This document is all about who gets to control the satellites, which is what they are using to track human beings through their bodies and control your data.

Recently there were two presentations that we will be referencing.
One was a presentation by Ian Akyildiz put on by the ARRC which is a UAE-based research center that aims to lead global advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, quantum computing, cryptography and quantum communications, directed energy, secure communication, smart devices, advanced materials, and propulsion and space technologies.
The presentation is called TeraHertz Band Communication: An Old Problem Revisited & Research Directions for the Next Decade ARRC Seminar Series – Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz it can be viewed on Youtube at this link:

The other presentation was a webinar put on by a branch of the United Nations called ITU.  This presentation was called Ultrabroadband communication and networking solutions to unleash the terahertz band. It was presented by Ian Akyildiz and his colleague and former student Josep Jornet. It can be viewed here on Youtube:

From this WEF article:

Why are governments and companies investing in LEO satellite technology?

The European Union recently announced plans for an LEO satellite system worth €6 billion.
The EU is entering a space internet race where technology giants are spending billions of dollars on LEO satellite technology to close the global connectivity gaps. Space X’s Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet venture, has deployed nearly 2,000 satellites in orbit and has applied for licences to fly more than 40,000 satellites.

Bill Gates backs a $1 billion plan to cover Earth in ‘Big Brother’ satellites capable of streaming ‘live and unfiltered’ HD footage of the planet
500 Low earth orbit satellites that have cameras pointed onto the earth that will create real time imagery that people an view on their cell phones.

Covid mRNA Vaccines are small scale bio nano machines that are programmed and Injected
Ian Akyildiz slipped up and made the following statement at 13:40 in this presentation:


“I did a lot of research on the Internet of Bio-Nano Things in the last 15 years, this is bio nano machines that are injected into the body for monitoring of health problems. This is going really well. These Covid vaccines, these mRNAs are nothing more than small scale nano machines that are programmed and injected.”

Well he would know wouldn’t he?

Graphene Based nano Scale Electromagnetic Communication Networks in Terahertz Band

 Synchronizing the timing in the network so that it works

Nikki Florio and former Mayor Reinette Senum Maria Zeee Landmark Geoengineering case

Nanomaterials from chemtrails can have the ability to break up existing clouds (moisture in the air).

Geoengineering lays the foundation for the reset. You can set forests of fire with it, you can induce droughts, you can even target livestock and individuals. It can also clear the air, very literally for satellite to ground communications. The higher frequency bands (terahertz) that operators wish to use can be disrupted by the moisture in the atmosphere. Geoengineering allows for better surveillance and better control over the internet of things.

NO ONE WAS TOLD THEY WERE BEING INJECTED WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC DEVICES  (Link to our educational video for this coming soon!)

Karen Kingstons Substack: 

Pfizer describes their mRNA as a gene-editing technology on their website as well, not as a biological agent (vaccine).

Scientists around the globe are starting to take a look at whats under the microscope. Pioneered by Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD PhD Vaccine Microscopy. Her and her colleagues have found electromagentic devices under the microscope and they have seen the technology self-assemble. Engineers have brought in cell phones to see if there is a reaction. What they found is that when the fluid that is in the vials is near electromagnetic frequencies from smart phones, wifi etc, it activates this technology.
Dr. Ana’s substack:

Dr. Ana has been focusing on the electrical field of the body and how these nanotechnologies affect them. Because of the cationic lipids and the positive charge, the nanotechnology literally sucks the life force energy out of you.  Dr. Ana has done Blood conductivity and Electrical Impedence Spectroscopy to show how much human life force energy is lost as a result of this nanotech in the body. The hydrogel injected into peoples blood is stealing electricity from peoples bodies.

Peoples blood looks like sludge or jello and cannot transport oxygen, it is filled with nanotech. The electrical imbalance is causing up to a 50% reduction of life force energy.

Dr. Ana took blood from three vaccinated patients and let it sit in a tube for 4 hours. The blood separated on its own and a rubbery yellow hydrogel plastic formed on the top. 




Under the same Intellectual property of this patent, is another patent for water dispersable- semi-conductive metallic nanoparticles, this is also called quantum dot technology.
You may have heard of Luciferase being used in the injections, Quantum dot technology and Luciferase are basically the same thing. Here we will expand more on what quantum dot technology is and what it can do.



Quantum dots (QDs) are man-made nanoscale crystals that exhibit unique optical and electronic properties, including the ability to transport electrons and emit light of various colors when exposed to UV light. These artificially synthesized semiconductor nanoparticles have a wide range of potential applications, including use in composites, solar cells, fluorescent biological labeling, displays, lighting, and medical imaging.

The electromagnetic fields and frequencies emitted by quantum dots can cause emotional, psychological, and physical disease and dysfunction in our bodies. Quantum dots can be used as neuroweapons and can cause severe disruptions to your emotions, energy, phsycical abilities and your ability to think straight (brain fog).

Timeline Nanotech The Next Manhattan Project For the Great Reset
(also listed in text below if the slides are difficult to read)

Timeline David Martin speech to EU compared to Nanotech Development Timeline and Quantum Computer timeline and UN WHO legal demolishing of countries constitutions timeline


David Martin EU Parliament Covid Summit

Nanotechnology Timeline

Graphene Flagship

Human Brain Project


History of Covid Vaccine Development

Bailiwick News Legal Walls Kill Box Short Version

Pfizer Patents first covid spike protein vaccine 1990
Early Nanotechnology Companies began to operate 1990
Carbon Nano scaffolding for medical research discovered 1993
Quantum Dots discovered 1993
Quantum Computers developed 1990’s

2002 mRNA Vaccine was patented as “an infections, replication defective clone” this language means it is a bioweapon filed by Anthony Fauci’s NIH  this patent preceded the SARS 1.0 epidemic by 1 year.

2003 CDC filed patent on coronavirus by downloading a sequence from China and filing a patent on it in the united states (in violation of biological and chemical weapons treaties)

2002-2003 the PCR test was identified by David Martin as a bio terrorism threat in the EU sponsored events

2005 DNA computation and algorithmic self assembly was invented
2005 WHO International Health Regulations entered into force establishing surveillance, behavioral control, travel restrictions, and detention powers.

2005 the mRNA spike protein was labeled as a bio terrorism and bio weapon platform technology by DARPA and the NIAID

2006 all major universities were looking for people with skills in Nanotechnology, nanochips and nanomachines were really starting to come into the market

From 2005 forward the mRNA spike protein was classified as a biowarfare enabling technology

2009-2010 DNA like robotic nanoscale assembly devices were made

2010 Akyildiz applied for a patent for an invention for graphene nano antennaes (that would later be used in the Covid Injections to hook people up to the internet)   THE CIA BLOCKED HIS PATENT FOR SEVEN YEARS.

2013 the graphene flagship and Human Brain Project launched

2014 Akyildiz wrote proposals to big companies and governments to work with terahertz frequencies for nanotech communications. He was rejected at the time and told “it was too early” to work on these technologies.

2014 The Coordinated Implementation of Nanotechnology guidance for governments was issued

2015 a global mandatory injection was planned Peter Daszak Fauci and others

2016 announced that Sars was “poised for human emergence” (probably code that they had finally gotten the technology caught up)

2017 CIA unblocks and issues Akyildiz patent for graphene nano antennaes to be used in Covid Injections
2017 Increase in LEO satellites launched into space
2017 United states Health and Human Services Department quietly eliminated civil liberties of citizens by expanding authoritarian powers of the government in the event that the WHO declares a “public health emergency of international concern”
2017 Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security publishes SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028: A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators.
2018 Johns Hopkins/US-HHS Centers for Disease Control publishes Technologies to Address Global Catastrophic Biological Risks report. Includes section on ‘self-spreading vaccines.’

Just before Covid everyone is talking about 6G and terahertz and there are suddenly 100,000+ IEEE papers written on this field of technology

2019 7 months before the first person officially got Covid,  it was announced that there was going to be “an accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen” and 4 patent applications for moderna were modified to include these terms as a justification for making  a vaccine for a thing that did not exist.

The world was informed there was going to be a Pandemic in September 2019 so that a year later in September of 2020 there would be a world wide acceptance of a universal vaccine template. (their words) The intent of the pandemic was to get the world to accept the vaccine.

2020-2022 Tremendous increase of LEO Satellites launched into space (during pandemic)

2020 January 11 the genetic sequence from China for the first Covid 19 Vaccine was published online. Companies started producing vaccines from this sequence within a month

2020 March 11 Covid Pandemic Declared
2020 December after 10 months of lock downs and travel restrictions, the Covid Vaccines started being administered.  5.55 billion people have received at least 1 dose of the nanotechnology bioweapon.

2022 – World Health Organization demands $16 billion from G20 nation-states to fund expanded testing and injections in low- and middle-income countries. World Health Organization launches new round of negotiations to further expand WHO surveillance, behavioral control and detention powers during WHO-declared emergencies, and deepen subordination of national and citizen sovereignty and civil liberties.