The World Economic Forum and United Nations are so concerned that the goals of Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development and the Great Reset (aka technocracy under a one-world beast system) are in jeopardy of not being fulfilled by the appointed date, that they have called for a summit in September to discuss how they can kickstart their stalled totalitarian agenda.

The September 18-19 Summit in New York will “mark the beginning of a new phase of accelerated progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals,” according to the U.N. website.

The WEF, founded in 1971 by German economist and engineer Klaus Schwab under the tutelage of Dr. Henry Kissinger, has said for years that by 2030 the people of the world will “own nothing,” that they will “have no privacy,” but they will somehow learn to like their evolving state of digital slavery.

You will be living in a tiny apartment in a so-called smart city, where almost no one works, sitting back playing video games and drawing a universal basic income check from the government. The smart homes situated inside smart cities will be powered by artificial intelligence, an all-knowing force with a watchful eye on everyone’s activities, movement, even their thoughts. People will willingly eat bugs and artificial lab-grown meat as their source of protein in a universal effort to help the Earth “heal” itself through carbon neutrality.

Never mind that in a world free of carbon, no plant life will be able to sustain itself and famine will claim the lives of millions. There will be a “life saving vaccine” for literally every form of sickness, and there will be plenty of that, as people submit to demands that they replace their natural human immune system with a man-made one powered by synthetic mRNA that takes over one’s body and completely changes its DNA. You’re no longer human. You’re TRANS-human, meaning you are transitioning or evolving into a higher life form that is part human and part machine. Humans will finally be able to “direct their own evolution” through advances in technology, says Schwab’s chief advisor, the Israeli historian Professor Yuval Noah Harari.

In the wake of the Covid pandemic in 2020, Schwab and the WEF released a new book and agenda which they branded “The Great Reset,” where they saw this massive crisis as a “narrow window of opportunity” to radically transform the world from physical and tangible to virtual and digital. Everything in this new world is connected, every appliance, every vehicle, every highway and light post, every home, every body. Hence the call for not only an Internet of Things but an Internet of Bodies.

As Harari stated, the surveillance that humans fully accepted as part of the new normal during the pandemic would soon make the next great leap. He predicted, when it comes to surveillance “now it’s going under the skin.”

Harari said: “When people look back, the thing they will remember from the Covid crisis is that this is the moment when everything went digital …when everything became monitored.” See brief video below.

But it’s more than just the U.N. and WEF who are behind the Great Reset of humanity and the pressure to change the way we live, forcing us into what they would call a higher state of consciousness in which, aided by artificial intelligence, we come into “harmony and balance” with nature, as stated on the Georgia Guidestones monument. One of the biggest pushers of this dystopian vision is his royal highness King Charles, whose coronation will take place on May 6. Listen to him wax eloquent about his grandiose collectivist plan for humanity in the short video below.

When Charles talks about the Great Reset and the goals of the U.N. it sounds more like a religion than anything else. Earth worship.

He beckons us to follow his lead into this new religion. While he claims to be a Christian, he never mentions the Bible, God the Father, or Jesus Christ, the one who has the desire to save not the Earth but the souls of those who inhabit the Earth. The Luciferians believe they can create their own version of heaven on Earth without the God of the Bible, and this is the greatest deception they dangle in front of weak human beings.

King Charles has his own page on the WEF website in which he outlines the “10 actions we must take to drive the green recovery.” These 10 actions are truly frightening were they ever to be fully implemented as they would allow for basically no freedom in a top-down dictatorship that decides for us how all resources are to be allocated and used.

Take, for example, number 4 on his list, in which he calls for what sounds like the formation of the Sustainability Police given the power to enforce “sustainability compliance” with one-world standards set by the “Paris Agreement.” He writes as follows:

4. Rigorously work towards the provision of reliable data and actively advance the adoption of common metrics and standards, as for example in the IBC scorecard, in order to allow more informed assessments of sustainability compliance and opportunities for improvement, in particular with regard to alignment with the Paris Agreement. It is time now to move towards unified metrics and global standards, to encourage accelerated progress through uniformed benchmarking.

And what about those of us who refuse to comply with these “global standards”? It will no doubt be off to the gulag, or maybe even off with our heads!

But progress toward this supposedly new and better world that Charles talks about is not moving fast enough to meet his expectations and the expectations of the WEF, the United Nations, Klaus Schwab, Yuval Harari, Bill Gates, Larry Fink, George Soros and the rest of the Luciferians who have managed to place their minions in the key positions of power throughout our institutions.

Schwab openly brags about having “penetrated the cabinets” of major nations with WEF puppets. See 2-minute video below.

Despite all of this “progress,” things just aren’t moving fast enough for these psychopaths.

Last week the WEF released a post saying that civic participation is key to meeting UN sustainability targets” to fulfill the goals of “Agenda 2030.”

The WEF wrote:

“Attacks on civil society and civic freedoms threaten to unravel achievements in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They are weakening action to tackle economic inequality, gender imbalances, corruption and environmental degradation.”

So they have planned a special 2023 SDG Summit for September 18-19 in New York, where they will discuss the world’s shortcomings in meeting their 17 Sustainable Development Goals, calling the forum meeting “enormously significant,” as a select group of world leaders are expected to be in attendance.

According to the U.N. website:

“They will carry out a comprehensive review of the state of the SDGs, respond to the impact of multiple and interlocking crises facing the world, and provide high-level political guidance on transformative and accelerated actions leading up to the target year of 2030 for achieving the SDGs.”

The U.N. posting goes on to say that: “The special edition of the report of the Secretary-General entitled ‘Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals: Towards a Rescue Plan for People and Planet’, the Advance Unedited version has been released.”

The timing of this meeting may be significant. What other manufactured crises could be upon us by mid-September? World War III? Food shortages and famine? Civil unrest?

It really is amusing listening to the globalists drone on about the world’s problems and how their solutions will take into account everyone’s best interests. Gender imbalances? These are the same people encouraging young children to be confused about what their gender even is. Environmental degradation? These are the folks who want all vehicles, all appliances, all lawn and garden tools, everything to run off of power generated by the electric grid, which cannot even sustain the current level of power needs, let alone if we all traded our gas-powered cars, gas stoves, leaf blowers, tractors, mowers, chainsaws, etc., for electric ones. And where do they plan on putting those toxic solar panels and lithium batteries after they outlive their useful life? What about those wind turbines that are killing birds and sea life?

So don’t tell us about civic participation and sustainability and how you will give us a better world and all of the other lies. The globalists care about one thing: Domination. Control. They will do anything, tell any lie, to achieve it. And they wonder why there has been a breech of trust; why people around the world have had enough of the incessant lies, manufactured crises, arrogance and intolerance of dissenting views that come down from the globalists and their elitist institutions.

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