– Shocking video shows Chinese nationals exactly how to illegally enter the USA using UN migrant camps

– 500,000 CCP operatives already pre-positioned across the USA, awaiting orders

– Democrats’ gun control is designed to DISARM the American people and make national defense more difficult

– Sen. Ted Cruz rakes traitorous DHS secretary Mayorkas over the coals

– NYC to RATION food to obey their climate cult

– California to BAN diesel engines for trains, demanding battery-powered trains (which don’t exist)

– Insanely idiotic Biden Energy Secretary demands ALL MILITARY VEHICLES BE BATTERY-POWERED by 2030

– Russia must be laughing like crazy, as World War III will only last 12 minutes until the tanks run out of power

– Democrat cities are rapidly collapsing into crime, addiction and violence

– Why it’s URGENT to learn to grow food, acquire seeds, and get your money into decentralized systems

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