Josh Sigurdson reports on the massive number of professional athletes who’ve collapsed and died on the field in the past two years as more data comes out showing that there was a 300% increase in 2021 alone for professional FIFA football/soccer players.

When compared with previous years, it is clear the number is enormous. For example, the average from 2009 to 2020 was 7.8. In December of 2021 alone, there was 7 deaths. Throughout 2021 there were 31 deaths.

These stats are only including FIFA. If you zoom out to all athletes worldwide, the number is enormous and every single bit of data points towards 2022 having been worse, though the full data is not yet available.

Considering that every month in 2021 the deaths appeared to increase, the projection for 2022 is very high. Excess deaths in places like Australia increased to 5162% in 2022 among generally only the vaccinated. This was far higher than in 2021. All evidence points to the injections increasing the death toll every years as people face down pre-morbidities that they otherwise wouldn’t have dealt with for a few decades. Heart conditions and cancer seem like the most obvious side effects.

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