The United Nations (“UN”), World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and the European Union (“EU”) do not have the right to dictate to humanity.  If they are not stopped, they will complete their eugenics and transhumanist agenda way before 2030.

The global baby bust is worsening – and the problem is deepest in countries that relied most heavily on mRNA covid injections. Millions of people are dying all over the World. The covid injection is affecting humanity in its entirety.  The evidence is there, it’s overwhelming, but those on the other side aren’t moved.

What has been imposed on 184 countries is a depopulation agenda, a criminal undertaking – accepted by corrupt national governments – which is unprecedented in the history of humanity.

Thankfully there’s been a reaction to the manipulation and suppression of information – independent media. And it’s quickly shown the mainstream it’s a force to be reckoned with.  Also, citizens are pushing back in the courts. Over 300 Canadian soldiers have launched a lawsuit against vaccine mandates and a group of US doctors has filed a federal lawsuit for an unlawful attempt to ban ivermectin as a treatment for covid.

The following is a collection of articles published in recent days by a variety of sources.

Who in hell gives the UN, WHO and the EU the right to … ?  There is no international law allowing such human tyranny. This is an elite-made “rules-based order” striking down any dictatorial, military-enforced command on humanity.  That’s what the West has become since the covid fraud, an empire led by evil itself.  The West has not just become a sea of criminal institutions, if not stopped now, it will continue with its drive to complete its eugenics and transhumanism agenda – way before 2030.  The UN, WHO, EU – and of course, the World Economic Forum (“WEF”), diabolical institutions by nature and their leadership cannot be reformed but must be dismantled for the sake of humanity.  Read more HERE.

Why doesn’t WHO take your arguments into account?  Geert Vanden Bossche explains.  “What I think is happening, people like me and many others were criticising the management of this [covid] crisis.  We are critical thinkers.  We are independent scientists. And what drives us, I would say, is really a passion for the truth.  But with that, we are going against the mainstream, the narrative … and the establishment … this establishment is not interested in finding out the truth.  And WHO is very very clearly part of this establishment.”  Watch HERE (12 mins)

The criminalisation of dissent: CJ Hopkins’ book has been a bestseller … except in Germany.  In Germany, it has been banned.  In fact, because of it, he is facing criminal charges, and being threatened with who knows how many years in prison, or thousands of Eurodollars in fines, for:

  • stating what has now been widely acknowledged, and what was generally understood by every serious epidemiologist until the Spring of 2020, namely, that mask mandates do not work, and thus are nothing but symbolic measures designed to generate and enforce mass obedience, and
  • insulting the Minister of Health of Germany, who happens to be a fanatical serial liar who is directly responsible for the serious injury and death of … well, we’ll never know how many people.

The criminalisation of dissent is being rolled out everywhere. Ireland is just the latest of dozens of countries throughout the West that are criminalising so-called “hate speech.” The specifics are different but the message is the same, “Watch what you say, or we will prosecute you, or otherwise seriously f**k you up.”  Read more HERE.

The curious case of the Isle of Man: This little island off the coast of the UK managed to dodge the deadliest pandemic since the “Spanish flu” completely.  Covid didn’t make a blind bit of difference to the island’s overall mortality.  Curiously, the Isle of Man’s covid death toll itself was almost four times higher after the rollout of the “vaccine.”  Read more HERE.

Britain must prepare for harder lockdowns: Britain must prepare for wider, earlier and more stringent lockdowns in the face of future pandemics, Matt Hancock has claimed. The former health secretary told the Covid Inquiry that failing to plan for restrictions on civil liberties was a flaw in the Government’s “woefully inadequate” pandemic strategy.  Read more HERE.

Covid vaccine mandate in English care homes led to fewer staff: A new study we sought to estimate the effects of the 2021 covid “vaccine” mandate for staff in elderly care homes in England. It found that the mandate was successful in reducing the percentage of unvaccinated workers, but this came at the cost of a reduction in net staffing in the sector. It also didn’t find any evidence that the mandate reduced covid deaths among residents.  Read more HERE.

Covid vaccine applied at the level of the entire planet is a criminal undertaking: Millions of people are dying all over the World. The covid injection is affecting humanity in its entirety. Prof Michel Chossudovsky has examined the data at a world level. It boggles the mind, he says. Over two years starting in mid-December 2020, more than 12.9 billion vaccine doses were administered across 184 countries. As of 1 July 2023, almost 13.5 billion vaccine doses have been administered to a worldwide population of 8 billion people, i.e., an average of 1.7 doses per person. The only region of the World which so far has escaped the “killer vaccine” is Africa.

“From our knowledge of country-level mortality as well as from carefully documented studies and sample surveys, the global implications of the ‘killer vaccine’ on humanity are beyond description … What has been imposed on 184 countries is a depopulation agenda, a criminal undertaking (accepted by corrupt national governments) which is unprecedented in the history of humanity.”  Read more HERE.

Maybe there’s hope after all? How many deaths have there been already associated with the injections worldwide, deaths among the young and the old, among the healthy and the medically compromised, how many ‘died suddenlies’ are there?  Plenty. The evidence is there, it’s overwhelming, but those on the other side aren’t moved.  The point Dr. Emanuel Garcia wishes to make in his article, psychologically speaking, is that the injection campaign and the propaganda behind it – which has been decades in the marinating – has created a mindset that truth cannot enlighten. Read more HERE.

The fertility crisis in mRNA countries is deepening: The global baby bust is worsening – and the problem is deepest in countries that relied most heavily on mRNA covid injections.  Most notably, several nations that had stable birth levels before the mRNAs were introduced in 2021 have seen sharp drops since. Meanwhile, Eastern European nations like Bulgaria – which had much lower mRNA injection rates – have seen in some cases increases in births in the last year.

The trend is not universal, and how the injections might damage fertility remains unclear.  Read more HERE.

Repetitive exposures to DNA reactive or genotoxic substances can induce, promote or progress cancer: Walter Chestnut provides a deeper understanding of why we are seeing an explosion of aggressive cancers – and why he believes the situation will almost certainly become much worse.  The spike protein causes DNA damage. Repeated exposures to the spike protein, by either infection or transfection, may eventually induce cancer in a vast majority of the population. One may view the spike protein, in essence, as a “Transmissible Cancer.”  Read more HERE.

mRNA injections modify genes: Using various agencies and pharmaceutical companies’ documentation, The Daily Beagle proves that plasmids are an adjunct to gene modification and that plasmids are an adjunct to mRNA, and that therefore, mRNA is gene modification.  Considering the companies involved – Emergent BioSolutions – implies that the genetically modified adenovirus injections, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, are also genetic modification injections.  Read more HERE.

The sinister Hunter Biden pandemic investment: Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal and his emails reveal that Joe Biden’s son has been profiting off of global pandemics, including covid since Joe Biden was Vice President under Barrack Obama. As the focus of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal has been focused on Hunter’s business dealings with China and Ukraine, a key factor of the scandal has gone unreported by the media to distract from a disturbing investment that Hunter Biden made called Metabiota.  Why doesn’t the media want to talk about Hunter Biden’s investment into Metabiota?  Read more HERE and on The Exposé HERE.

Over 300 Canadian soldiers launch a lawsuit for covid vaccine mandates: Around 330 active or former members of the Canadian Armed Forces who say they were harmed by covid vaccine mandates have filed a class-action lawsuit against high-ranking members of the Canadian military, asking for some $500 million in damages.  Read more HERE.

Doctors group files federal lawsuit for unlawful attempt to ban ivermectin for covid treatment: A group of doctors has filed a federal lawsuit against the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) over the agencies’ unlawful attempts to block the use of ivermectin in treating covid. The lawsuit, filed in the US Southern District of Texas in Galveston, argues that the FDA has overstepped its authority and unjustifiably interfered with their medical practice.  Read more HERE.

Corporate media amplify pandemic hysteria: Media operatives are reporting on several diseases which they say may be the next “threat to humanity,” setting the stage for a new pandemic.

“As the covid-19 pandemic threat seemingly fades into the annals of history, scientists are attempting to identify which pathogen will pose the next large-scale threat to humanity,” reported Fortune last month. Disease X, described as “a new disease agent unknown to medical science that likely does not have any treatments or vaccines,” is included on a shortlist of “priority diseases” by WHO, along with covid-19. EcoHealth Alliance has referred to Disease X as “the next pandemic.”

The report came three days after an article in NJ Advance Media warned that “Disease X” “could cause the next pandemic”.

In May, corporate media outlets began to raise the alarm about two poultry workers in the UK who had contracted H5N1.  “Bird flu could become the next human pandemic – and politicians aren’t paying attention,” read an op-ed published in The Guardian.

While the actual pathogen put forth by media operatives as the next “deadly pandemic” varies, they take care to emphasise that the disease will originate from animals. Zoonotic viruses, according to the WHO’s One Health agenda, are traced back to “climate change”. A zoonotic outbreak would open the door for severe climate policies and mandates to “stop the spread”.  Read more HERE.

A force to be reckoned with: Over the last three years, censorship and propaganda have been deliberately and overtly used to suppress debate, withhold truth, brainwash audiences, and create a culture of fear.

Thankfully there’s been a reaction to the manipulation and suppression of information that has been allowed to dominate our airwaves. It’s come in the form of independent, sometimes called ‘alternative’, media and it’s quickly shown the mainstream it’s a force to be reckoned with.  Read more HERE.

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