Below is a list of UK government officials that we know of so far that are attending the World Economic Forum’s (“WEF”) annual meeting in Davos this week.

In 2020, 75 “Head of State” and “Prime Minister” from 54 countries attended WEF’s Davos meeting. In total there were 264 attendees from the UK according to a list published by Quartz.  In 2022, there were 211 people from the UK who attended Davos. In 2023, Davos is expecting “record participation” by at least 52 heads of state, more than half of them from Europe, and nearly 300 government ministers.

About Davos 2023

Deloitte sums up what Davos means to them in one sentence.   Search results for the term “Davos 2023 attendees” brings up the following from Deloitte: “Connecting profit with people and planet.”

Screenshot of search engine search results, retrieved 12 January 2023

Not surprisingly, Deloitte, in its own words, is “proud to be a long-standing strategic partner of WEF.”  It has daily coverage of Davos on LinkedIn, the titles of which tell a story in themselves. These are the highlights from Davos 2023 that Deloitte will be covering, while reading the titles remember Deloitte sees Davos as “connecting profit with people and planet”:

  • Day 1 – Transformation
  • Day 2 – Sustainability
  • Day 3 – Digital Transformation
  • Day 4 – Future of Work
  • Day 5 – Davos Full Wrap Up

And Deloitte has its own programme of events at Davos, which have been “inspired by this year’s WEF Annual Meeting theme: Cooperation in a Fragmented World.”  Deloitte’s program of events at Davos 2023 includes:

  • Climate – Accelerating the Green Transition
  • Climate – Building Sustainability into Organizational Culture and Brand Strategy
  • Climate – Chair’s Guide to Valuing Nature
  • Climate – Collaborate to Accelerate: Scaling Climate Tech Innovation to Industry and the levers of Net
  • Climate – Moving from Strategy to Action: The Importance of Climate Tech
  • Climate – System Change for a Sustainable World
  • Climate – The Road to Net-Zero Panel
  • Technology – #ChangeTheFace Reception
  • Technology – Cyber: Preparing for a Secure Quantum Transition
  • Technology – Tech for Good
  • Affiliate session – Health Equity as an essential component of Stakeholder Capitalism

Spend a few moments thinking about the implications and how, using the events listed above, Deloitte might be attempting to fulfil the objective of “connecting profit with people and planet.”

Of the four Davos 2023 delegates from Deloitte, only one is from the United Kingdom: Sharon Thorne, Chair of the Deloitte Global Board of Directors. She is also a member of the A4S Advisory Council, the Social Progress Imperative Board of Directors, the Stewardship Board of the World Economic Forum Platform for Shaping the Future of the New Economy and Society, the Shanghai International Financial Advisory Council, and the 30% Club.

UK Public Figures at Davos 2023

As well as representatives from businesses and charities, UK government officials are also attending Davos 2023.  The Dossier obtained a list of public officials, former and current, who were registered to attend Davos.  Included in that list are UK public officials, see below, who are collaborating with WEF this year at Davos.

Zac Goldsmith (Conservative, House of Lords) Minister of State for the Commonwealth, Overseas Territories, Energy, Climate and the Environment of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Nicholas Lyons Lord Mayor of the City of London, United Kingdom. The City of London, despite its geographical location, is not part of Greater London, the UK or even Europe – it is a sovereign state. United Kingdom
Rachel Reeves (Labour) Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Richard Moore Chief, Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), United Kingdom.  In April 2021, Moore announced that MI6 were recruiting for a head of a new high-tech team. The head of the team would be known as “Q.” United Kingdom
Tony Blair (Labour) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1997-2007); Founder, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, United Kingdom United Kingdom

Not included in the list above is current Labour Party leader Kier Starmer who with Rachel Reeves, The Times reported, “will be jetting off … to the World Economic Forum, where they will meet business chiefs, foreign leaders and other international figures. Their attendance at the exclusive event in the Swiss Alps will be used to send a message to the super-rich that Labour is the party of business.”

By “business” they mean Big Business, not local UK business and entrepreneurs that supply local needs, create employment and opportunities and grow economies locally.  Because WEF consists of a few selected global corporations who want to own and control more at the expense of local businesses.  It is to these Globalist businesses that Starmer and Reeves are “sending a message” that Labour is the Party for them.

If you know of any other UK attendees, please let us know in the comment section, with source links, and we will update our article accordingly.

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