Josh Sigurdson reports on the arrest warrant issued for Biden nuclear official Sam Brinton following two separate thefts of luggage at airports.

The unhinged cross dresser who “trains pups” in freaky kink circles was caught on camera in Las Vegas stealing luggage for the second time this year after previously being caught in Minnesota.

He faces up to 10 years in prison and really brings to question how dumb this guy could possibly be considering he had to know it was all on camera AND he’s got a cushy job due to the fact that he’s a crossdresser and Biden likes to demoralize the public.

Meanwhile, another deranged leftist named Cathy Areu who was a self proclaimed “liberal sherpa” known for appearances on Fox News making insanely crazy SJW claims was arrested for kidnapping her mother and extorting her for $224,000.

The clown world keeps on spinning.

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