Down the Chupacabra Hole has compiled a comprehensive list of incidences over the last 11 months where a large number of animals have died suddenly.  Below is that list of 94 incidences across the world where animals have died under unusual circumstances.

First a brief explanation of an event which caught the public’s attention earlier this year – 3,000 head died at one feedlot in South West Kansas and 10,000 died over the entire state.  Although this incident was due to a combination of factors, the final straw for the cattle was an unusual and rare weather phenomenon known as a “heat burst” or “heat index crisis.”

Peterson Farm Bros gave his initial thoughts on a Facebook post about the cattle in Kansas and the next day posted a video on YouTube explaining from his perspective what had happened to the cattle.

Peterson Farm Bros: Cattle Dead in SW Kansas, Some Context & What I Think Happened, 16 June 2022 (10 mins)

A veterinarian in the area, Tera Barnhardt, confirmed Peterson’s suspicions.  She posted on Facebook: “We had a natural disaster in Southwest Kansas on June 11th, 2022 and in the days that followed … There’s no mysterious disease or theory, we know exactly what happened. It’s called a heat index crisis.”  She explained further in a second Facebook post HERE.

The South West Kansas incidence is not on Down the Chupacabra Holes list but another 94 are, including incidences in Australia, UK, Panama and Kenya.

Millions of Livestock Animals Are Dying Suddenly: The War on Our Food Supply Continues

Republished from Down the Chupacabra Hole

Throughout 2022, inflation rates have soared to unprecedented levels. Prices of fuel, groceries, and housing continue to rise nearly every week. As working-class citizens struggle to afford necessities, the United States government is haemorrhaging billions of dollars overseas. Simultaneously, domestic supply chain issues are triggering rampant shortages and impacting countless consumers. More than one hundred food manufacturing facilities were suspiciously destroyed this year. To make matters worse, citizens must now brace for yet another unforeseen crisis. Millions of livestock, birds, and fish are dying under unusual circumstances. Could these bizarre deaths be mere coincidence or is something sinister unfolding behind the scenes?

When it comes to the food supply, our world is rapidly transforming. America is quickly moving towards mass-producing edible nanotechnology. Genetically modified chimeric meats fill the shelves of local stores. While Bill Gates accumulates vast amounts of agricultural land and independent farmers are under attack by “climate change” legislation, a series of peculiar fatalities is taking place. Vast numbers of cattle, pigs, chickens, and other animals are dropping dead at an alarming rate. Here is a chronological list that documents some examples of this disturbing phenomenon developing worldwide over the past 11 months.

Some of these incidents could be dismissed as mere chance. However, one can’t help but wonder: what is the statistical probability of these widespread catastrophes repeatedly transpiring? Coincidence is just that— certain concurrent events that occur at random. What is currently unfolding appears to be an intentional pattern of calculated actions. Modern warfare has evolved into much more insidious techniques. Weather modification, electromagnetic weapons, and bioterrorism are real threats. What better way to assault society than to go after the very essentials needed to sustain life? As Henry Kissinger once said: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

Date Event
1 November 29 Dozens of cattle deathsbaffle wildlife experts in Colorado, the United States.
2 November 24 Millions of chickens and turkeys die from an illness in the United States.
3 November 20 Tens of thousands of fishare ‘suffocating’ to death in New South Wales, Australia.
4 November 17 A new tick-borne disease is killing cattle throughout the United States.
5 November 17 Mass wildlife deaths from ‘overgrazing’ in Kenya leave millions on the brink of starvation.
6 November 10 Fire at a poultry farm kills 30,000 chickens in the Netherlands.
7 November 9 Hundreds of dead sea creatureswash up on the shores of Panama.
8 November 7 Avian flu kills hundreds of thousands of chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese in Norfolk, England.
9 November 7 Hundreds of thousands of dead fish cover the coast of Huelva, Spain.
10 November 4 Catastrophic die-off of Dungeness crabsalong the West Coast of the United States.
11 October 13 More than 1 billion snow crabsmysteriously vanished in the Bering Sea.
12 October 8 Severe weather kills tens of thousands of salmon in a single Canadian creek.
13 October 3 47 million birds were killed during an influenza outbreak in Europe.
14 October 3 50 million chickens and turkeysdie from a sudden illness in the United States.
15 October 2 Herds of deerare being ravaged by an infectious disease throughout North America.
16 September 29 100,000 cows and buffalodied with 2 million sick from a viral disease in New Delhi, India.
17 September 27 Millions of birds die after contracting a disease United Kingdom.
18 September 23 A river in Boston, England is filled with hundreds of thousands of  fish carcasses.
19 September 22 Several tons of dead fish and crustaceans litter the UK shoreline.
20 September 21 Thousands of dead fishfill the waterways of Long Beach Island, New York.
21 September 21 Thousands of dead fishare scattered across the beaches of Portmore, Jamaica.
22 September 12 Over 67,000 cattledie throughout India due to a sudden illness.
23 September 2 Residents of Wichita, Texas encounter thousands of dead fishin a local lake.
24 September 1 Thousands of dead fish cover the shoreline in San Francisco, California.
25 August 30 Severe flooding claims the lives of 727,000 cattle in Pakistan.
26 August 26 Thousands of decomposing fishare discovered in Somerset, England.
27 August 22 Nearly 1,000 wild birds die from avian flu in Georgia, United States.
28 August 21 Tens of thousands of fish carcasseswash up on the beaches of West Sussex, England.
29 August 17 A river is filled with over 100 tons of dead fishin Poland.
30 August 8 Tens of thousands of fish are killedfrom ‘wildfires’ in California.
31 August 8 Thousands of fish are found deceased in New South Wales, Australia.
32 August 8 Thousands of dead fish wash up on the shores of Yucatan, Mexico.
33 July 25 More than 3,000 lifeless wild birdsare uncovered on the Farne Islands.
34 July 23 1.5 million livestock animals are killedby droughts in Ethiopia.
35 July 22 Residents of Newfoundland, Canada discover thousands of dead birds.
36 July 20 Hundreds of deceased fish wash up on a beach in Cadiz, Spain.
37 July 17 ‘Heat stress’ is blamed for thousands of cattle deathsin Kansas, United States.
38 July 16 Thousands of dead birdsare observed by crowds in Northumberland, England.
39 July 12 Locals in Staten Island, New York stumble upon thousands of dead fish.
40 July 10 Baltimore, Maryland’s Patapsco river fills with thousands of fish carcasses.
41 July 8 Hundreds of deceased birds are found on a beach in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
42 July 3 Over 3,000 lifeless dolphins surface in the Black Sea of Russia.
43 July 2 Beachgoers in California stumble upon tens of thousands of rotting fish.
44 June 21 Locals in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts encounter hundreds of dead sea birds.
45 June 16 10,000 cows diedfrom ‘humidity’ in Kansas, United States.
46 June 8 Thousands of decomposing fishwash ashore on Lake Michigan.
47 June 8 Thousands of dead fish are found in a lake in Almerimar, Spain.
48 June 7 Villagers in Eastern Scotland find hundreds of expired birdson the beach.
49 June 6 More than 100,000 birdsare dead after a storm in Allier, France.
50 June 2 Walkers discover hundreds of dead birds on the beaches of Puerto Piritu, Venezuela. June 1st: Hundreds of deceased birdsare discovered in Quebec, Canada.
51 May 27 Over 300,000 salmon abruptly dieat a fish farm in Chile.
52 May 26 massive die-off takes place at a New Zealand salmon farm.
53 May 24 100,000 dead fishstrewn a river in Nova Scotia, Canada.
54 May 19 Contaminated water leads to authorities euthanizing 3,665 cattle in Clovis, New Mexico.
55 May 18 More than 5 tons of dead fishwash ashore in Guerrero, Mexico.
56 May 6 37 million chickens and turkeys die of a sporadic disease in the United States.
57 May 8 Hundreds of livestock animals were left dead after a fire in Virginia, United States.
58 April 28 Thousands of dead fishappear in the Tigris River in Turkey.
59 April 14 Hundreds of birds abruptly diein Illinois, United States.
60 April 10 A mass fish die-off takes place in Western Australia.
61 April 8 Thousands of dead and dying scallops fill a Florida beach.
62 April 4 An unprecedented sea urchin die-off occurs in the Caribbean.
63 April 1 Residents of Western Newfoundland, Canada come across hundreds of dying sea birds.
64 March 31 Influenza kills 12 million birds in France.
65 March 24 Several tons of dead fish fill the shores of Barra da Tijuca, Brazil.
66 March 22 Thousands of dead fish appear in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh.
67 March 18 85,000 birds are euthanized in South Dakota, United States.
68 March 17 ‘Flooding’ kills hundreds of thousands of fish in New South Wales, Australia.
69 March 15 Residents Fort-Dauphin, Madagascar find thousands of dead fishin a lake.
70 March 12 mass die-off of fish takes place at Cedar Lake in Indiana, United States.
71 March 8 2.8 million birds die suddenly in Iowa and Missouri, United States.
72 February 25 A river is filled with thousands of dead floating fishin Kolhapur, India. February 22nd: Tens of thousands of decomposing fish mysteriously wash up on a beach in Chile.
73 February 17 More than 100 birds suddenly drop deadwhile flying in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.
74 February 14 Thousands of dead fish and manta rays are found beached in Usulutan, El Salvador.
75 February 13 Over 15 tons of fish die from weather conditions in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
76 February 11 An ‘electric bang’ causes hundreds of birds to diein Pembrokeshire, Wales.
77 February 10 H5N1 claims the lives of 30,000 turkeysin Indiana, United States.
78 February 7 Hundreds of birds suddenly drop deadin Cuauhtemoc, Mexico.
79 February 6 Locals of Cumbria, England discover hundreds of dead birds along the shoreline.
80 February 2 A ‘heatwave’ kills 400,000 chickensin Uruguay.
81 January 30 Mass livestock deathsoccur after a drought in Kenya.
82 January 27 Thousands of fish die from ‘cold temperatures’ in Greece.
83 January 26 Tens of thousands of goats and sheepdie after a storm in Northern Kenya.
84 January 26 An unprecedented fish die-off takes place in Hokkaido, Japan.
85 January 24 Hundreds of dying birds cover the coastline in California, United States.
86 January 19 Hundreds of dead fishare discovered by beachgoers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
87 January 18 Tens of thousands of dead fish cover the shoreline of Cruz del Eje, Argentina.
88 January 17 Several tons of dead fishappear in Houailou, New Caledonia.
89 January 14 Mass sea life die-off, “everything is dead for miles” in Yorkshire, England.
90 January 13 Thousands of dead fish are found floating in the Parana River in Argentina.
91 January 6 1 million chickens were killedby a disease in Lincolnshire, England.
92 January 5 Over one thousand dead bassmysteriously wash ashore in Nova Scotia, Canada.
93 January 5 Tens of thousands of dead starfishcover the beaches in Wales.
94 January 5 One million birds die of a sudden illness in the Netherlands.

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