DeAnna Lorraine is first joined by Died Suddenly directors Nick Stumphouzer and Matt Skow, for the second half of their riveting interview, who will deep dive into how their journey of putting together the film went, visiting the morgues and dead bodies, and other powerful behind-the-scenes pieces of this MEGA-VIRAL successful film that’s shocking the world! Get to know the directors on a deeper level.

Then DeAnna is joined by the incredibly bold Dr. Eric Nepute, who is being sued for HALF A TRILLION dollars by deep state big pharma, all because he simply recommended people take Vitamin D and Zinc for Covid! Learn about his battle and what he’s enduring fighting the deep state medical tyranny.

Also DeAnna covers a new JOB description posted by, for “Body Removal Agents” to help Coronors and Morticians with the staggering number of new “Sudden and Unexpected Deaths” stacking up!

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