(Natural News) During the covid-19 scandal, Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, threatened individual rights, slaughtered animals out of hysteria, and repeatedly violated the country’s constitution. She also worked with the governments of Austria and Israel to rapidly develop a deleterious mRNA vaccine program that is destroying the world population today. Mette has dubbed herself the “Prime Minister of Children” while pushing harmful jabs onto children. When she was recently confronted on the streets, she ran scared and summoned her security detail to suppress the interrogation.

Danish Prime Minister runs scared when confronted by the truth

The seemingly powerless Prime Minister was confronted by Kent Nielsen, the leader of a new Danish political party called The Freedom List (Dutch translation: Frihedslisten). The Freedom List is a relatively new political party that formed during the covid-19 scandal. The party’s message grew popular in the face of medical tyranny, as its leaders fought for individual rights, scientific integrity, and the truth about the fraudulent covid-19 “vaccines.” The party, founded by Fleming Blicher, was able to get on the ballot in 26 municipalities throughout all five regions of Denmark. The Freedom List is currently interrogating and holding to account those government figures who promoted unlawful mandates and depopulation experiments for the “greater good.”

When Nielsen confronted the Prime Minister on the street, he went for her throat (metaphorically) and questioned, “How do you feel about the fact that you lied about immunity for a year?”

“How can you sleep at night knowing that you are harming and killing Danes?” asked Nielsen. “You must feel guilty, Mette.” Nielsen told the newly elected Prime Minister that 83,000 Danes were killed by the controversial vaccines, and more than 150,000 were injured. So, the “woman who claims to be ‘the Prime Minister of the children’ is murdering Danish children and murdering Danish adults,” he said. Nielsen didn’t relent. “It’s not hard to live with yourself when you are murdering and harming your own people,” he asked. “So, you’re just ice cold? The ice lady who doesn’t care that you are killing and injuring other people.” Mette quickly darted off to her tour bus. Nielsen continued, “And then your bus sign says, ‘Let’s care for the future!’ So the “woman who claims to be ‘the Prime Minister of the children’ is murdering Danish children and murdering Danish adults. And then runs from it all. It’s crazy.”

Mette refused to respond. Her security detail moved in quickly to stop the dialogue and intimidate. An officer forced Nielsen to stop filming, to identify himself and to give up his social security number. Nielsen cooperated with the security, but before he stopped filming, he raised his voice one more time, “And then she escapes in her bus of slaughter, Disgusting!”

Truthful and powerful interrogation necessary in the next phase of the war

Nielsen’s public interrogation of the Danish Prime Minister provides an excellent blueprint for how to deal with “untouchable” government and corporate criminals in the days to come. Crimes against humanity must be pursued with rigorous calls to justice: amnesty denied. Truthful and powerful language (and sometimes public shaming) will be necessary in order to hold these criminals accountable.

No one is above the law. If the courts are slow to recognize the evidence of mass medical fraud and murder, then those with conviction and courage must call out the crimes in the public square. Mass murder is mass murder, whether there was intent to commit the murders or not. The deprivation of rights, the mass discrimination, and the threatening of lives is more than enough evidence to show intent to harm. As the victims of covid-19 vaccines pile up, the criminals in government must be brought to trial. They must be made to answer for the medical violence and human rights abuses they inflicted on millions of families worldwide.

Source Link: https://naturalnews.com/2022-11-29-danish-prime-minister-flees-truth-about-covid-19-vaccines.html

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