Here’s a glimpse into the New World Order future if we allow the globalists to get their way.

A British man is the first to get microchipped with his bank card.

40-year-old Arnie Szoke paid £350 to get his bank card surgically implanted in his hand by London-based company Walletmor.

This is what the World Economic Forum and other globalist cronies want for the masses.

Your money surgically implanted into your body for absolute surveillance and control.

Don’t forget Sweden has already introduced microchipping technology.

Several thousand residents utilize microchip implants.

In fact, 4,000 people have body chips linked to their bank accounts.

(VIDEO) Mark of the Beast? In Sweden, Get Your COVID-19 Certificate Linked to Your Chip Implant

Szoke’s microchipped bank card will have to be replaced after it expires.

From The Sun:

A DAD is the first Brit to get microchipped with a bank card implant — letting him pay with just his hand.

Arnie Szoke, 40, forked out £350 to have the op in Germany.

The NHS healthcare assistant said cashiers and other shoppers have been stunned.

He added: “People ask how I can pay with my hand.

“The implant looks cool, but my wife would never have one.”

The chip uses contactless card technology, with ­magnetic fields transferring data to readers.

Surgeons open a pocket in the side of the hand for the safety pin-sized chip — just half a millimetre thick — then stitch it up within five minutes.

Father-of-two Arnie said: “Using the chip takes a bit of learning.

“It’s like a ­normal card but you have to be more precise with where you tap.

“It means I don’t have to keep a wallet with me all the time.

“The last time I used cash, £40 went missing along with my work pass card.”

The £220 chips are made by British-­Polish start-up ­Walletmor.

They expire like a normal bank card and Arnie’s will need replacing in a second £130 op in 2029.

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