Researchers Hope & Tivon are back with the smoking gun quantifiable evidence proving that the war on humanity is being waged by way of a pharmacovigilant nanotech BIOWEAPON. This is part one of their new presentation.

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In this presentation, Hope and Tivon from give an overview on the latest developments from the Covid Vaccine Genocide, the never before seen biostructures embalmers are finding in vaccinated corpses and explanations of what these structures are (its nanotech), the connection between Blackrock’s Aladdin AI and the COVID vaccine pharmacovigilance surveillance system, Energy weapons and the Covid Vaccines Effects on peoples mental state and behavior, 5G updates from the Beast System, and solutions such as circuit experiments to deactivate the nanotech in the vaccinated, EMF protection, Graphene Oxide and the Lymph and successful treatments for the vaccine injured using Homeopathy.


1.Tracking the Genocide
2. Transhumanist Nightmare Biostructures in Vaxxed Corpses
3. BlackRock Aladdin AI and the Covid Vaccine Connection: Pharmacovigilance
4.Energy Weapons and Mental Manipulation: The Vaccinated Brain and Behavior
5. 5G Updates from the Beast System
6. Solutions: EMF Protection, Graphene Oxide Detox,
Treating Vaccine Injury with Homeopathy


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Word of Encouragement

In this presentation we will be covering some rather dark and intense topics. It cannot be avoided because we are shedding light on the darkness in hopes that the truth can help to set people free.

We understand that we are talking about genocide, about real people, about our friends and family members that have been tricked into taking an experimental injection. We want to show compassion for those who have died, and do all we can to help anyone who is willing and who has ears to hear the truth.

We know that there is a large group of people out there that did not want to take the injections but felt they were forced to by the corporate vaccine mandates. Most of these people are scared to speak out. We’ve put together this pure data that blasts through all the lies to help bring clarity, strength and solutions to people like you.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil” -Psalm 23
“No weapon formed against you shall prosper” -Isaiah 54:17
put on the full armor of god, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes” -Ephesians 6:11
“In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” –John 16:25


Excess deaths = the amount of mortality above normal conditions. All deaths from all causes.
Our World in Data shows Excess deaths WORLDWIDE dramatically increasing after the rollout of the Covid Injections


Trending data per country shows a direct correlation in an increase in excess deaths
caused by an increase in COVID vaccinations.


The Economist (run by the Globalists) shows that Worldwide there have been 25 million cumulative excess deaths since the start of the injections, 5 million excess death during the lockdowns, and no excess deaths during the beginning of the pandemic which was during the time when they said the reason why they were locking everyone down is because there was so much excess deaths from Covid.
Even so, we feel their figures are under-reported, it is “The Economist” after all


Dr. David Martin on Life Insurance Claims:
“The mortality data, follow the money. In 2020, prior to the introduction of the injection, life insurance companies had record low numbers of claims, meaning that according to the money flow, people were not dying in excess numbers. The excess number of deaths only happened after we started injecting people with a biological weapon”

John O’Looney UK Funeral Director
“People are dying in numbers that I’ve never seen before, especially younger people 20-30 years old. The big funeral providers, they tell me they are inundated. Insurance CEO’s tell me there is a 176% increase in payouts. I’ve spoken to solicitors who tell me they are dealing with the estates of people in their 20s’ and 30’s which is something they have never done in their 20 years of practicing law. Embalmers are being threatened by the industry that they will be punished if they speak out about what they are finding in the vaccinated corpses. They have also specifically named me as being outspoken and told people not to speak to me.” John O’Looney UK Funeral Director


Ed Dowd- Ex BlackRock Manager expert in pattern recognition (think Aladdin)
Disability rates are up by 10% caused by the vaccines. Life insurance companies saw an increase in excess deaths by 40% due to the event of the corporate vaccine mandates. Millennials (age 25-44) have seen an 84% jump in excess deaths from the vaccine mandates. In one year there were 61,000 excess deaths of millennials. If you recall 58,000 soldiers died in the Viet Nam War over 10 years. The millennials in one year experienced a silent Vietnam war.
Funeral Home company data: In the end of 2020 the stocks spiked a little bit and then they sold off because the expectation was that the vaccine was coming and everything was going to go back to normal. Instead the stock started to rise and some of them went to new all time high’s. They expected the trend to continue into 2022 and it did. In the first quarter of 2022 one of the CFO’s of the funeral home companies said “We thought business would be declining back towards normal by now. What we are seeing can’t be explained by Covid” and he left it at that. (note: no wonder the Embalmers are being threatened to stay quiet, the Funeral Homes are literally “making a killing” right now!)

Children’s Health Defense CHD.TV Friday Roundtable Episode 14 Exposing the Fraud with Edward Dowd + Andy Wakefield

How many will die? How many will get sick? How long?

How many people are going to die?
Based on their own estimate: In 2011 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Chinese CDC, the Welcome Trust and others published “the decade of vaccination for the W.H.O” Their stated objective was to reduce the world’s population by 15%  That’s about 700,000,000 people dead. This would put the USA between 75-100 million people dead from the shots.

What is the time frame that they will die in?
For many economic reasons a lot of people hope that it is between now and 2028, which is when the illiquidity of the social security and Medicare/ Medicaid programs happens. This is probably one of the reasons why people over the age of 65 were the first ones to get injected.

Three levels of sickness and death:
1. people that die within the first year. Many are dying now from “sudden death”
2. people that die from a slow process by a weakened immune system
3. Caregivers who were forced to get the injections, the population that is trained to take care of the sick and dying will also be sick and dying so more will die because there will be no one to care for them.

We have ZERO INFORMATION on the long term effects of the gene editing done by these Bioweapon injections. –Dr. David Martin

Transhumanist Nightmare: Nanowires and Scaffolding Tissue Found in the Vaccinated Corpses


Hundreds of embalmers are coming forward with evidence of never seen before Biostructures coming out of vaccinated human corpses.  -Dr. Jane Ruby

Embalmers have been struggling to embalm the vaccinated deceased because of these biostructures for the past 18 months.  The governing body for embalmers in the UK BIE  has announced they will punish any embalmer who speaks out about what they are finding in the vaccinated corpses.
-Funeral Director John O’Looney in the UK

Description of Biostructures
These are structures that are growing inside the arteries and veins of the vaccinated. They are massive in size, extending the length of the entire artery and form to the shape of the artery. They are rubbery in texture. Similar to the consistency of cooked calamari. Also found mixed in with these structures are crystal shards and very small nanowires that look like fiberoptic cables with reptilian like scaled walls.


“Embalmers are struggling to embalm people because they are blocked up with this crap. In 15 years of doing embalming’s I’ve never seen anything like this before.

This material was taken out of blood vessels of an individual who was under 30, no comorbidities looked physically very fit. These formed PRIOR to the time of death. They couldn’t form over night, they would take some time to form. They couldn’t “grow instantly”. So I suggest what is happening is that they are growing over a period of time inside the person and this is what kills them.

At a meeting I attended back in September with Mike Yeadon and others they suggested that it would be between 2-5 years before people started dropping down dead from these injections. That time is well under way, we are well past the first year now and people are dying in numbers that I’ve never seen before, especially younger people 20-30 years old. I’ve spoken to colleagues that work for the big funeral providers, they tell me they are inundated.

The reason why they don’t want anyone to speak up is because they want people to stay quiet as long as they can keep them quiet while they get as many injections in as many arms as they can, that’s what it sounds like to me.”

Article: Structural Biology Points Way to Coronavirus Vaccine
Published two years ago by the NIH

Article describes, from the beginning of this whole COVID scamdemic that the intention of the BIOWEAPON was to have the body create protein structures that are not natural.

“Vaccines will use messenger RNA (mRNA), molecules that serve as templates for making proteins. The goal is to direct the body to produce a spike protein”

ARTICLE: “Understanding the nanotechnology in COVID-19 vaccines”

CAS has an article written by an Information Scientist that explains the nanotechnology used in the Covid-19 Vaccines. Below are just a couple of excerpts that describe this injected nanotechnology forming structures.

“Lipid nanoparticles are a vital component of the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, playing a key role in protecting and transporting the mRNA effectively to the right place in cells. They are next generation liposomes that use nanotechnology and are well suited to stable and efficient delivery of various therapeutics.

… to improve stability, advanced technology is required, and this is where lipid nanoparticles come into play. Presently, the most widely used non-viral vector system includes a synthetic positively charged (cationic) lipid. These form stable complexes known as lipoplexes with negatively charged (anionic) nucleic acids.”

More Alarming is some of the Jargon found on the front page of the company website which has a transhumanist image as its video logo, discusses “exploring the fabric of flexible electronics” via “flexible transistors”  and “biometric sensors” (found in the shots via la Quinta columna) and boast that their innovations are “blurring the line between sensors and skin”.

ARTICLE: Scientific American “Artificial Proteins Never Seen in the Natural World Are Becoming New COVID Vaccines and Medicines” published July 1, 2022

Article describes the manipulation of proteins and nanotechnology to bind to the surface of human cells and replicate.

“Researchers have begun to crack the code of protein structure, allowing them to remake, well, everything.

Unlike any vaccine used before, the one Walls was developing was not derived from components found in nature. It consisted of artificial microscopic proteins drawn up on a computer, and their creation marked the beginning of an extraordinary leap in our ability to redesign biology.

Proteins are intricate nanomachines that perform most tasks in living things by constantly interacting with one another.

new insights and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are coaxing, or forcing, proteins to give up their secrets. Scientists are now forging biochemical tools that could transform our world. With these tools, we can use proteins to build nanobots that can engage infectious diseases in single-particle combat…

SARS-CoV-2 resembles a ball covered in protein “spikes.” Each spike ends in a cluster of amino acids—a section of the protein known as the receptor-binding domain, or RBD—whose alignment and atomic charges pair perfectly with a protein on the surface of human cells. The viral protein docks at the receptor like a spacecraft and replicates”

Studies Describing Hydrogels and Nanotech in Covid Vaccines

Celeste Solum Former FEMA Employee.

Prior to the rollout of the Covid Bioweapon injections, Celeste Solumn did a series of webinars where she outlined in great detail the nanotechnology used in the Covid Vaccines. She covered a variety of medical studies, Peer reviewed journals, scientific articles, and patents that discussed hydrogels and their properties as used in the Covid-19 Vaccines. Written into the studies themselves is the medicalthe terminology: “platforms”, “scaffolding”, “nano particulate’s” which describe what new hydrogel technology in the Covid Vaccines is programed to do inside the human body:

Use Proteins, with nanotech instructions, to build scaffolding inside the human body.






Dr. Ariyana Love Naturopathic Doctor, Investigative Journalist and Founder of international foundation helping jabbed victims

Just after the biostructures were found in the vaccinated by embalmers, Dr. Love provided an extensive body of research backed by many of the same medical studies referenced by Celeste (and MORE!) that accurately described the biostructures, as well as the nanowires and crystal shards and many other aspects of the nanotechnology being used.


Highlights from some of these studies:

 Hydrogels are attractive scaffolding materials owing to their highly swollen network structure, ability to encapsulate cells and bioactive molecules, and efficient mass transfer.
Design properties of hydrogel tissue-engineering scaffolds

Most hydrogel materials are injectable and can be formed via photopolymerization (used in 3D printing, a light-induced reaction, which converts a liquid or gel monomer into a solid polymer)

hydrogels that form through noncovalent guest-host interactions, undergo disassembly (shear-thinning) when injected through a syringe and then reassemble within seconds

Advances in hydrogel bioelectronics will usher unprecedented opportunities toward ever-close integration of biology and electronics, potentially blurring the boundary between humans and machines.”

These (nanowires) are planar devices used to probe electrical activity near the surface of the heart, brain and skin, acting as transmitters, transistor and receivers.



Investigative Conclusion

Based on the evidence we have researched, we believe  that these biostructures show that synthetic tissue is being grown inside humans from the COVID vaxx Bioweapon.

This is most likely the cause of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.”


Furthermore, these synthetic structures contain nanotechnology that can be manipulated and controlled by an outside stimulant such as EMF or 5G.

The Nanotechnology Network injected into the Human Body

This diagram shows all the components that are introduced with each inoculation.

Intra-body nano-network – Brief summary by Mik Andersen.pdf

La Quinta Columna has shared a summary of the intra-body nano-network that forms after each inoculation the population receives. The author of this summary is Mik Andersen, owner of the research blog Corona2Inspect, who’s a renowned scientist who has chosen to collaborate with La Quinta Columna and Dr. Pablo Campra’s research under a pseudonym.

Nano Routers have been found which emit MAC addresses on Bluetooth devices

Nano antennas and plasmonic antennas have been found which amplify signals

Nano rectennas were found which act as rectifier bridges of alternating and direct current

Codecs have been found which are devices capable of performing transformations on a data stream or signal.

Logic gates have been found which are small digital electronic devices that compute binary functions like “and”, “or” ,“not” ,“true”, “false” ,“less than” ,“greater than” , etc. Used for the encryption of these network communications from vaccinated individuals to a remote network server.

Patents for remote external network server technology have been covered in great detail in the film: “Once were the Living”

These are the patents that describe how they will hook up human beings to the internet of things using the 5G network. (now we know that they need the Covid vaccines to do it!)

Routing policies for biological hosts (At&T) US10163055B2

Devices and Methods for Tranferring Data through a Human Body (AT&T) No. 20130142363

Cryptocurrency system Using Body Activity Data (Microsoft) W02020060606



A research team in Mexico headed by Dr. Pedro Chavez Zavala has been conducting studies on the Bluetooth codes emitted from people who received the Covid vaccine. They made a documentary (in Spanish) called “BlueTruth”.  In the documentary Dr. Pedro brings his equipment and reveals that Bluetooth codes are being emitted from the graves of the vaccinated deceased.




 The possible solutions offered for further research are for the de-activation and/or destruction (and healing from) unlawful signal-emitting and processing electronic implants. Especially devices that give the human host a wireless electronic ‘fingerprint’ (via bluetooth MAC address, IP address, or other identifiers) without their knowledge or consent for the covert purpose of ;  24 hour data mining via remote unlawful surveillance, harassment, remote targeting, torture and persecution, blackmail, exploitation and subsequent biometric harvesting.

This avenue of research is encouraged for both researchers and technicians skilled the art to design, build and test these circuits, and create an ever growing knowledge base that would help enforce the freedom of ownership over one’s own body and thoughts to be preserved in an otherwise evermore captured world.

In the video shared by La Quinta Columna a person who has taken the injection is in a field and is emitting a Bluetooth code that can be seen on the mobile phone. The two operators then use the pulse emp circuit over the injection site in both arms of the person emitting the signal. After a minute of use, the operators were not able to get a Bluetooth signal from the injected person. The chip was disabled. This  was a painless procedure. They just simply waved the coil over the vaccination site and it deactivated the chip.





The main idea of this compact circuit is to emit high voltage discharge pulses of sufficiently high impulse current and brief duration (nanoseconds) ‘fry’ the circuitry that is in the bodies of the injected. This is done by placing the circuit in a portable, hand-held chassis and waving the EMP inductor coil over the area of the body of interest while activating the circuit by push-button (i.e. the injection sites on the arm or where a signal is being received by a trifield meter). After several passes of waving the coil over the effected area and a second reading is taken from the trifield meter and mobile phone, to check if the nanotech chip is still broadcasting the bluetooth MAC address. if it’s disabled, then a signal would no longer be seen on the screens of the meter or the smart phones



Now you know the basic concept. A wide variety of this circuit can be made to fit specific purposes, in fact this kind of circuit has been explored by hobbyists and researchers on the internet for years in the application of mini tesla coils, rf jamming kits, electric flyswatters, etc.

Here is another example of a technician (Michael Chapala) in Mexico explaining how his EMP pulse coil treatment works. He is showing his version of an EMP high voltage solution using two coil probes.

Behind him, he has a full-body coil, where he can treat most of the body simultaneously. He claims his coils are wound using bifilar wire for better performance via Nikola Tesla’s patent. The electric circuit schematic is essentially the same, but the bed sized coil is considerably much bigger. MED BEDS ANYONE?


“Ever Since I got the Vaxx I’m tired all the time”
The normal process in the body is for the mitochondria to convert oxygen into energy for the body. The nanotech we believe is hijacking this process and is using the energy the body creates to power its circuitry.  That’s probably why your tired all the time.

Laser radiation induced therapies are also being used with great success and is popular for its non-evasive ability to treat the problems. The procedure has been used in a wide range of areas in both physio health and surgery in areas such as; nerve pain reduction during use, tumor reduction, reversal of lyme disease symptoms, and cellular regeneration in the skin and deep tissue, etc.

This treatment using 1064nm laser stimulates cells to send more oxygen to the mitochondria to increase ATP, which allows for faster synthesis of RNA and DNA hence faster recovery and healing. especially using 1064nm laser wavelength. High energy 1064nm laser also reduces Graphene Oxide


Commonly used wavelengths for laser treatment:

1064nm – deep IR (Ideal deep tissue penetration, Pain relief, destroys tumor cells through ablation)
659nm   – positive results on Tinnitus
635nm   – common frequency used to heal body tissue including nervous system in animals
808nm   – common frequency used to relieve pain and heal body tissue

Reference PDF’s

Graphene Oxide is Recognized by Cells in the Immune System:

Study of the Characteristics of Graphene Oxide Films:


High Intensity Laser Medical Effects:

The Science of Super Pulsed Laser



Blackrock, the biggest company in the world, has a supercomputer data collection system called Aladdin which stands for Asset Liability and Debt Derivative Investment Network.

Aladdin operates through its own version of artificial intelligence to crunch data points and establish patterns, projections  or algorithms faster than any human being ever could.

For the last couple of decades, Aladdin has been taking over the business world, controlling every asset class across every industry. Aladdin controls a large portion of our global economy. Aladdin has grown into a system that is responsible for more than 4 times the value of all the money that exists in the world. This one robot directs all the actions of the US Federal Reserve, almost every major bank.

Aladdin manages trillions of data points on every market, every company, every asset and now even each of us, what we buy, what we sell and say, so that it knows far better what to buy and sell than any human.


The Decision Making Role Blackrock Aladdin Played During Covid

Which countries to lockdown when and for how long?

Which countries or states get free money from the IMF and how much?

Which countries get to save which industries from being demolished?

Which business can stay open and which ones will go bankrupt?

Which countries get to open their borders and when?

Who will get the most lethal dose of Covid Bioweapon vaccines?

Decisions like these are what Governments around the world are using Aladdin’s data for.

Total world control.


BlackRock: A range of Covid trajectories in emerging markets


“VACCINE CZAR” Moncef Slaoui

During these interviews he disclosed two VERY DISTURBING bits of information.

1) Millions of Americans who receive the vaccine will be tracked via an “incredibly precise pharmacovigilance surveillance system” that will track the vitals and whereabouts of Americans who receive the Warp Speed Vaccine.

2) Google and Oracle have been awarded the Defense Contract to track and trace Americans who receive the vaccine.


What is Phamacovigilance?

Pharmacovigilance (PV) is the process of detecting and monitoring adverse drug reactions (ADR), adverse events (ADE), detecting potential ‘signals’ throughout the drug/medical device lifecycle, and also tracking trends in consumers’ sentiments regarding a particular product (drug/medical device) over time. The longitudinal objective behind monitoring this is to be able to continually monitor and improve an existing product’s risk/benefit balance and better manage the risk from new products.

Note: “signals throughout the drug/medical device Lifecyle”
The lifecycle of the nanotech in the COVID Vaccines is scheduled to release up to years after its injected according to the Moderna patent.   So how will this drug be monitored once its inside your body up to years later?


Pharmacovigilance Needs AI to Track and Trace

Tata Consultancy services: Listen and Learn: Automating Pharmacovigilance Monitoring with TCS IPS Decision Fabric™ pdf


Energy Weapons 10,000 Cattle Dead



Bears, baboons, tigers are getting COVID vaccines at zoos across the U.S.

The Vaccinated Brain The BioWeapons Effects Are Not Just Physical

Operation Crimson Mist: Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda
American forces flew a plane with a microwave dish and beamed the Hutu’s with rage inducing low frequencies causing them to slaughter the Tutsis.

Dr. Pierre Gilbert: Magnetic Vaccines to Control People
“In the biological destruction there are the organized tempests on the magnetic fields. What will follow is a contamination of the bloodstreams of mankind, creating intentional infections. This will be enforced via laws that will make vaccination mandatory. And these vaccines will make possible to control people. The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will become hosted in the brain cells, which will become micro-receivers of electromagnetic fields where waves of very low frequencies will be sent. And through these low frequency waves people will be unable to think, you’ll be turned into a zombie. Don’t think of this as a hypothesis. This has been done. Think of Rwanda”


Inhuman Frequencies -Can They Trigger Genocide? Amazing Polly


Patent Examples of Mental Manipulation

Remote Magnetic Manipulation of Nervous Systems


An Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Perspective on Social Simulation



Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.

Genetically engineered “Magneto” protein remotely controls brain and behavior

(Inside Science) — Genetic engineering can now help researchers use magnets to control nervous systems. Scientists have successfully controlled the behavior of zebrafish and mice with this research, and suggest that one day it might help treat brain disorders in people.

Magneto Protein could Help Magnets Control Brain Circuitry


Material scientists have developed a fast method for producing epsilon iron oxide and demonstrated its promise for next-generation communications devices. Its outstanding magnetic properties make it one of the most coveted materials, such as for the upcoming 6G generation of communication devices and for durable magnetic recording.


Scientists Obtain Magnetic Nanopowder for 6G Technology



WEF uses their own planned Covid-19 pandemic as the reason why we need more “connectivity” and begins their 5G Global Accelerator Plan


5G Outlook Series: The Impact of Mobile Technology on the Response to COVID-19


UN Building “Smart Camps” (run by 6G?)
China has funded projects to build “smart camps” and strengthening data-sharing, aimed at improving the safety of peacekeeping camps and enhancing the capacity of peacekeeping operations.

Harness Digital Technology to Protect Peacekeepers, Civilians, Security Council Urges, Adopting Presidential Statement


5G by the numbers: 72 countries, nearly 2,000 cities, 24 Standalone networks
China and the United States are the countries with the most 5G cities, at 356 and 296 respectively.
5G networks were activated at a rate of almost two cities per day during 2021, according to Viavi Solutions

Despite Opposition and Well-Documented Risks, 5G Activated in Nearly 2,000 Cities Worldwide (Chart Included)


Ubicquia will use Movandi’s technology to create an mmWave smart repeater that plugs into a streetlight’s photocell socket in minutes — the system is said to be compatible with 360 million existing streetlights worldwide, to accelerate broad 5G mmWave coverage and FWA deployment.

5G mmWave Smart Repeater Compatible with 360 Million Streetlights Will “deliver data driven insights”


5G Drones
UScellular and Ericsson today announced that they have begun 5G testing at altitude using drone technology. These tests are the first of their kind with UScellular’s 5G network and lay the groundwork for future use cases of cellular-connected drones in a variety of industries

UScellular and Ericsson Team Up on Drone Connectivity to Test 5G Network Performance at Altitude


Fifth Generation Warfare The Brave New World



EMF Radiation Sickness has the same symptoms they are calling “COVID”
EMF ACTIVATES the nanotechnology in the “vaccines”

Our products are handmade using a blend of shungite and metal powders encased in an epoxy resin. They create a passive field of energy that can be scientifically measured. This energy, which is called orgone energy helps to mitigate and transform the harmful effects of EMF into healthy life preserving energy.

Benefits of our Products:

-Better sleep
-Stress relief
-Pain relief
-Healthy home environment
-Better seed germination and plant growth
-Preserves fresh food and extends shelf life
-Maintain Healthy Blood


As seen in  “The Expose”

How to remove Graphene Oxide, the dangerous & undisclosed ingredient in COVID Vaccines, from the body

We have put together extensive research and a protocol to remove Graphene Oxide from the body.  We call it the GOD protocol which stands for GRAPHENE OXIDE DETOX.

Graphene Oxide is in the Covid Injections and it responds and multiplies when it is stimulated with EMF.  It is a known poison  to humans and the main building block for the nanotechnology in the jabs.  



homoeopathy is being used to successfully treat vaccine-injured people

EMF and the Lymph
The lymphatic system, which is a major part of your immune system is what detoxes your body. Its job is to flow freely to carry waste away.  EMF inflames the lymph, clogging it and causing a toxic buildup which gets us sick.

The Lymph Protocol was designed with foundational immune improvement in mind and which also treats symptoms. The combinations support every major cellular system in the body; the plant remedies because they are easily recognized and instantly absorbed by human cells, and the homeopathics to recognize the energetics involved in healing the whole human

PhD Nutritionist/Herbalist
Helping People Detox
from the Covid Vaccines

 Full Presentation about the Lymph and EMF and Covid Vaccines:






Why we do what we do

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EMF Protection Products handmade by us here in Morocco.


Our Mom Valerie Robitaille
PhD Nutritionist/Herbalist
Helping people detox from the Covid Vaccines


OUR BOOK FORBIDDEN TECH: The complete guide to energy, social, and biological technologies that they did not want you to know about.  (2017)


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