‘People’s Health Alliance’ established to help people with Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries

Helping people with vaccine injuries will be an early focus of the People’s Health Alliance (PHA), which launches on April 23 in response to the crisis in the NHS.

Katherine Macbean, who is spearheading the nationwide PHA initiative, said they were aware of an urgent need to support and treat people adversely affected by the Covid-19 injections.

Ms Macbean told Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship: “It wasn’t in our original plan but we have so many reports of people going to their GP with a vaccine injury and being fobbed off.

“Or the GP doesn’t really know what to do with them or doesn’t have anywhere they can reach out to in order to get support for these victims.

“We were very blessed to be able to connect with doctors and scientists in labs across the UK who were looking at various protocols as to how they could help these vaccine-injured.

“Someone joined our team who was heavily involved with that and that’s allowed us to connect with healing practitioners – and I don’t just mean conventional here.

“We are reaching out to holistic practitioners who are having some successes in treating vaccine injuries.

“We are pulling together all this knowledge, this expertise, to create a protocol which won’t just be a protocol of tablets or supplements.

“We are looking at a whole healing approach and we expect that protocol to be ready by April 23 when we launch – and we’re quite excited about it.

“We understand it’s not a cure. With those with very low-level injuries, we might be able to eradicate the issues they are having.

“The more severe ones, possibly not. But we are looking at sustaining life long enough for cures to be found.

“It is a major problem. We do need to accept that there are vaccine-injured out there whether we want to see it or not.”

Ms Macbean said the vaccine-injured included a growing number of GPs themselves who do not know what to do about it or where to turn to.

She said: “At PHA we are looking to connect practitioners having some success with vaccine injuries with the patients.

“If we can support these people who are going through a horrific time, we are doing our job.

“It’s not just the physical healing that needs to take place – there’s the emotional and mental healing as well.

“We won’t turn anyone away because of their vaccine status. We are looking to heal people whether they are vaccinated or not.”

Children and teenagers affected by lockdowns, mask-wearing and injections will be another early PHA target for help.

“The problem is massive,” said mum-of-three Ms Macbean. “We’re becoming aware of major anxiety issues, problems due to lack of physical exercise during lockdowns, and parents struggling with how to address emotional issues.

“We are fortunate to have some paediatric and teenage healthcare specialists in the team and we are building support mechanisms for parents and carers who are struggling to know how to deal with these issues.

“We are also looking at the physical side and nutrition. With every approach the PHA makes, we are looking at a whole healing system.

“We don’t believe that just sticking a plaster on something or sticking a pill in someone is the answer.

“We want to inform teenagers as well that they can take more responsibility for their own health in a way that works for them.

“One of our first major fundraising projects will be to support, facilitate and subsidise mental health support and care for young people because we can see there’s a pandemic of mental health issues out there.

“We are very fortunate to be working with a number of partners and affiliates who are experts in this field.

“We are pulling together to work alongside each other and be more productive in swiftly bringing forward these solutions.”

In the interview, Ms Macbean also outlines plans to:

• adopt an ‘integrative’ approach by using both allopathic and holistic medicine and giving patients a choice

• publish a blueprint for the creation of community health hubs across the country

• help adults with mental health problems

• launch a ‘social care pot’ to ensure health care is available to all

• mentor medical professionals to help them make the transition from the NHS

• organise an online dispensary as a ‘one-stop shop’ for prescribed or recommended treatments with any profits going to the social care pot

A website, due to go live on April 23, will include a database that will enable patients to search for practitioners in their area.

And it will allow for practitioners to connect with each other, the vaccine-injury protocol, a database of volunteers, information about different types of treatments and guidance on fundraising and donations.

Ms Macbean said: “The PHA was born because of what we have seen over the last couple of years and the realisation that the NHS primary care system isn’t in a position to support patients.

“People aren’t able to get an appointment with their GP, very important diagnoses were missed from the start of the covid shutdown and there’s a huge rise in diseases as a result.

“We are paying for a service and we can’t access it.

“We are hearing of NHS staff becoming disgruntled with what they are seeing and looking for other options.

“We’re not going to be a complete picture for some time yet but we’re putting these foundations in place now to start alleviating some of the pressure from the primary care system.”

Ms Macbean added that the PHA could never be competition for the NHS and that was not the intention.

“We are not in a position to take on secondary or acute care,” she said.

“I’ve had great passion for the NHS – they’ve saved my life a couple of times and my mother was an NHS nurse for 35 years.

“We would love to see a better service from the NHS and if we can support that, we will.

“We are looking to create something new and I have faith we will pull it off because we have to.”

Source Link: https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/04/09/phl-launches-help-people-covid-vaccine-injuries/

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