Pfizer, who sponsors the Oscars, is coming out with a new vaccine to treat an illness called “alopecia”. To promote their vaccine, Pfizer involved Will Smith, his wife Jada and Chris Rock in stunt done on a literal stage with literal actors at the Oscars.  Within moments after the stunt, international news was flooded with articles about Jada Pinkett Smiths illness alopecia which makes you lose your hair. So I’m sure that in the near future, Pfizer will be making profits for its new vaccine for alopecia related hair loss. (As a side note, hair loss is actually one of the symptoms side effects of the COVID injections!)  

One quetion I asked myself when I first heard about this stunt: why would Pfizer be putting all of this energy into promoting a new vaccine for alopecia if they supposedly dominate the world with their COVID vaccines? Personally, I think Pfizer suffered some pretty big losses when they were forced by the Supreme Court to disclose the ingredients in their lethal injections.

-Hope Girl 

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