This interview with Pfizer Whistleblower Melissa McAtee reveals the Satanic agenda in big Pharma. Pfizer office computers have files on them that say “Hail Satan” and “Depopulation”on them! God obviously used Melissa who says she felt the Holy Spirit convict her of the truth of what she was witnessing while working for Pfizer. This is the most revealing interview I’ve seen of hers as it shows the underbelly of the spiritual war that is raging on our planet right now.

-Hope Girl

Former Pfizer quality auditor turned whistleblower, Melissa McAtee, joins the program to disclose more explosive information and documents. She first gained notoriety disclosing fetal cells and glowing vials in the Pfizer mRNA “vaccine” by Project Veritas. She now joins us to share even more explosive information and never seen before documents. You can see more of Melissa McAtee and her continuing disclosures on her website at (note: it is not live yet, but will be soon!)

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