Most of the parents I know DO NOT LIKE public education systems for their kids. But Lainie Liberty and her son Miro took the concept of homeschooling to a whole new level.  They call it “World Schooling” and it’s a way to give your child one of the richest educations possible by traveling to different cultures and using the world as your classroom.

This project has always had a very special place in my heart, as I feel it is indeed one of the many ways we can all collaboratively help fix our world.  When I heard that Lainie and her son Miro were invited to do a Ted Talk in Amsterdam I was beyond thrilled.  This project of theirs is revolutionary. It is the future for our children, and it needs to get the attention it deserves.  I just know that kids like Miro are going to be the leaders of a new paradigm world.

You can learn more about Project Word School at their website here:

Also, be sure not to miss Lainies Incredible weekly live show “For the Love of Learning” that she does on CCN, they are by far one of my favorites and an essential part of every homeschooling parents network.  You can watch her shows here on CCN:

And here is the AMAZING TED TALK Lainie and Miro did in Amsterdam… Enjoy!