Today we saw a slurry of main stream news articles announcing that the EU is banning Americans from traveling into Europe. There are so many different things to read in between the lines of these announcements I thought I would write up my own opinion piece to bring out some important highlights.

Here is a summary of what these articles are saying. 

The EU released a recommendation list of 15 countries they considered to be “safe” for receiving travelers from. These countries include: Algeria, Australia, China, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay.

They also released a recommendation list of four nations they considered to be “not safe” to receive travelers from. These countries are (in order of least safe) The United States, Brazil, Russia and India.

They list two major forms of criteria for their judgement on safe and not safe countries: 1) The “Epidemiological Situation” AKA the counts of deaths and cases. 2) “hygiene and containment measures” AKA how many draconian laws were enforced upon the people in their society.

Highlighted in these articles was a proclamation that The United States was the worst in the whole world because there were more recorded cases and deaths. Yes America was singled out as being even more dirty and contaminated than countries like India which has a population 4 times greater than the US (1.3 billion) and which has one of the higher disease rates in the world due to poor sanitation. Or even China, which is where this virus came from in the first place, and they were caught lying about it, but somehow China makes it to the safe list for the EU? Sweden has been left out of the dialogue entirely!

Lie’s through Omission, Forged Numbers and Fake Science

Even though the EU is adamantly denying that their decision to include certain countries and exclude others is not political by any means, and it is solely focused on  “health” and based on “science”, its obvious that they are lying. I say this because the criteria on which they make their exclusionary decisions is based on forged numbers and fake science.

Rigged Coronavirus Counts

The EU’s first criteria for judging a country as “unsafe” is based on how many “reported” deaths and cases a country has. For the last three months, countless articles, expose’s and whistle blowers have come forward proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that there has been a concerted effort to report every death, regardless of the cause, as a Covid death. You get shot, Covid killed you. You fall down the stairs, Covid killed you. At the hospital level doctors and nurses were being ordered to mark everyone they could as a Covid death.

NOW WE KNOW WHY THEY WERE SO ADAMANT TO GET THOSE NUMBERS UP!  They wanted to proclaim the US as the WORST in the whole world and ban Americans from traveling to other countries.  The big tech censorship propaganda machine has been working at full speed to cover this up. Still to this day, they keep posting out random numbers of cases and death counts and expect no one to question the accuracy of these counts. They make them up as they go.


The more draconian your lock-down, the higher your score on the globalists safety report card.

The second criteria that is being used to rank a country’s “safeness” is what they are calling: “hygiene and containment measures”.  This is nothing more than an observation on how many and how strict your countries draconian lock-downs were. The longer you shut down your economy, the earlier the curfews, the more people you had on house arrest, the more mandatory you made mask wearing, the higher the fines and arrests and prison terms you gave for violations, the more meters in social distancing requirements you had, the more ridiculous disinfection contraptions you set up in your stores and establishments, the more drones you send out to dump chemicals on people in the streets, the more independent small businesses you forced to shut down…all of these things are your countries score card. The more draconian your country was during this scamdemic, the “safer” it will be rated. It is only “safe” countries that will be allowed to revive their economies through tourism and all the different business relationships that come from it. “Unsafe” countries will be banned from trade.

Most of these measures, such as the effectiveness of face masks, social distancing and considering certain businesses and activities as “non essential” are not based on any real science at all.  In fact there are plenty of scientific reports from reputable accredited institutions that speak out against their effectiveness. But these reports are ignored and the opinions of the dictatorship government are promoted and ignorant people are buying every line of it.

This is all about politics and the economy and has very little to do with health. Even recently we have bankers like Goldman Sachs making statements that a Federal Face mask Mandate for the US is what will save the economy.


This travel ban does not apply to every European country.

Slipped into some of these articles about ¾ of the way through is a small factoid that reminds people that this recommendation from the EU is not legally binding to any of the countries in the EU. In other words, individual countries can still decide who they wish to ban from traveling into their country. For example just a week ago Spain announced that they will be opening their borders to tourists from USA, Asia and Latin America on June 30th.


Lets not forget that back in April the EU abandoned Spain and Italy in the middle of the crisis. Italy was ripping down and burning EU flags in outrage. And both countries turned to China and Russia for the help the EU would not offer. So, I’m really not so sure how much of the EU’s recommendations Italy and Spain will be listening to when it comes to travel bans.  However these articles portray this “recommendation” given by the EU as if it were an absolute law that applied to all European countries. This is simply not the case.


The EU is targeting mostly BRIC Countries

It should be noted that of the countries judged as “not safe” by the EU, they’ve included 3 of the 5 BRIC’s Countries: Brazil, Russia and India. Why do you think that is? The BRIC’s nations are known for setting up their own economic hub which is independent from the other globalist banking systems. President Putin said years ago that there would be a “multi-polar” world order as opposed to just one world order. Meaning that there would be more than one global force.  The EU did not include China in the travel ban because China is a major manufacturing Hub. Also, this will now force China to pick a side, are they truly a BRICs nation? Or are they going to side with the EU globalists?  Then add to this the political situations between these countries and the United States and you can see how the EU’s selection of “unsafe” countries has very little to do with “health” and everything to do with globalist politics.


Americans are now being turned into the new Lepers around the world.

The term “Sick man of Europe” is a label given to a European country experiencing a time of economic difficulty or impoverishment. It was first used in the mid-19th century to describe the Ottoman Empire during its decline.

Anytime there is a global conflict such as a world war, persecution starts based on nationality, ideology or religious beliefs. The persecuted nation is referred to as the “Sick Man”. This happened to Turkey during WWI. It happened to China the “Sick Man of Asia” during WW2.  In just the last couple of years you can see certain nations calling other nations the “sick man of Europe” They have been playing the name calling game for a while.

This travel ban on the US will turn Americans “the sick man of the west” into the Lepers in the Globalist war. They wanted it this way and that’s why they created all those rigged Covid statistics. Even now, comments on social media from Europeans and other countries are slanted towards treating all Americans like they are “dirty” and “contaminated” and will “bring disease” into their country. For example, in Morocco, a young American tourist was beat up by locals who blamed him for bringing the Coronavirus to Morocco. He wasn’t even sick.

The international public is jumping to their own conclusions as to why the US is the “worst” in the world for being sick and contagious. The reasoning I’ve seen so far on social media is alarming. People blame American business owners for not shutting down their stores long enough. People blame Americans who protest the lock-downs. People blame Americans for not wanting to wear masks. And of course, everyone blames Trump…cause you know…“orange man bad”.

What so many fail to realize, is that Americans are one of the biggest consumers of tourism services and products in all these countries. There are still a lot of very wealthy Americans who want to invest in products, projects and business deals in other countries. When you ban Americans from traveling to your country, you cut off the income your country would receive from these relationships. Hopefully individual countries and their struggling economies will take this into consideration when they decide to ban Americans from travel. If not, this is the beginning of a new Trade war, which is probably what the globalists have been planning this entire time.

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